Wiggins is really evolving. James is 1-of-10 defensed, kawhi Leonard of the Warriors

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No one expected wiggins to change so much in his two seasons with the Warriors. If he had spent his rookie season playing in this environment, wiggins would be one of the top five small forwards in the league.In addition to averaging 18 points per game, Wiggins has also improved his defensive ability further this season. In addition to his excellent defense, wiggins has also improved his ability to assist defense to the top level.Green’s recent injury, let a person see Wiggins in the defensive end of the outstanding performance.More recently, Wiggins has been playing the defensive role of Draymond Green, even playing at the fifth position as a junior.Against the Lakers, Wiggins was on guard for James in the fourth quarter, and he made 1 of 10 shots in the fourth quarter to help his team win.In his two seasons with the Warriors, Wiggins has evolved into something of a kawhi Kawhi shadow, an all-star starter who can handle the ball offensively and lock down defensively.Wiggins’ growth has been a key factor in the Warriors’ ability to stay second in the league despite so many injuries this season.Wiggins currently leads all small forward positions in defensive efficiency and leads the league in defensive stats.Considering wiggins’ defense was one of the worst in the league during his tenure with the Timberwolves, this is a surprising change.Retired NBA player Jefferson previously said that wiggins this season is the combination of Barnes and Durant during the Golden State Warriors, Wiggins is now absolutely superior to the two men on defense, although the offensive performance is not as good as Durant, but Barnes is still several grades better.In today’s small-ball era, wiggins is an all-star starting small forward who is really a must-have for championship teams. If Wiggins can consistently shoot free throws and shoot, he is definitely the next top star in the league.