The opening date of primary and secondary schools in Sichuan province in spring 2022 is updated

2022-05-15 0 By

Recently, most of the country’s provinces, cities and primary and secondary school opening time has been adjusted, naturally Sichuan province is no exception.Now sichuan primary and secondary school time adjustment enumerated as follows, I hope to help you.2. Meishan City Primary School: February 17 Junior high school: February 17 Senior high school: February 17 3. Zigong City kindergarten: February 21 Junior high school: February 21 4. Nanchong City kindergarten: February 16 Junior high School: February 16Feb.16 High school feb.16 5 luzhou Kindergarten Feb.17 Primary school Feb.17 Junior high school Feb.17 High school Feb.17 6 Leshan Kindergarten Feb.16 Primary school Feb.16 Junior high school Feb.16 High school Feb.16 Warm tips :1. Teachers and students who are under isolation or observation shall not return to school, strictly comply with the relevant requirements;2. The above schedule comes from the network. If there is any discrepancy, please refer to the actual notice.Whether does shandong province colleges, primary and secondary schools delay the opening of the school?Here is the latest adjustment of the heavy news!The opening of 50 universities across the country has been delayed.The opening date of colleges, primary and secondary schools in 2022 has been decided in Shanxi Province