Shayna brings out the horrors of real estate agents

2022-05-15 0 By

Real estate agents do not know when to start, an industry internal rules in the form of moral forced to let everyone accept.This is against public order, good custom, and immoral.All walks of life in the world, which industry does not jump single things.But in other industries jump orders are basically a normal phenomenon, a sales encounter jump orders are to sum up their own problems.Only in the real estate agency industry, it comes down to the moral problems of customers.This is a ridiculous logic.What agents often say is, I put in the effort, I worked, I showed you the house, I helped you find the house.But other industries will also have this problem, any industry sales, in the process of receiving customers are paid, efforts are in the work.But clients cannot trade with those who pay.Really do not understand the real estate intermediary industry will have such strange logic!The country does not stipulate that the house must be an intermediary to help sell out.Unless the landlord has signed an exclusive agreement with the agent or the showman has signed an exclusive agreement with the agent.If this agreement is not signed, the intermediary shall be responsible for the loss.In other industries, this happens a lot.No one seems to blame it on client ethics.And the value of a service industry is determined by the market, not by itself.Estate agents are a group that clearly wants to define their own market value and force it on others.