Police New Year 12:00

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12 footpath travels YuanSheng constant between the moon and change from Chen “golden shield blood cast minutes change between strivers sheer moment is every family reunion on Spring Festival is a group of guardians with purplish blue color guard of 12 New Year prosperous of sticking to look forward to the holiday is because of them become warm and moving in video search, the command centre, police in fullMake sure the area is safe.The brightly lit hall was their battlefield day and night.Anti-fraud center police are still in the study of information, faster, faster, with criminals in the race against the clock, never slack off.Interpol suspects from the field back, a sharp edge, invincible cold front.Police station police received instructions to quickly police, 24 hours on standby, police is the order, the case is the assembly number.The traffic police were in good spirits and formed up neatly to begin their day’s patrol on the street.The police in the village came to stay at home to visit the elderly, the company of blue, has been in.There is no normal meal in the police world. After finishing a case, you go home. This is a promise to your family.To protect the safety of the people is a promise made to the masses.The police in the certificate hall are handling documents for the masses, optimizing business will never stop, and serving the people will never close.The Black Panther Commando police patrol at Benxi Railway Station to protect passengers’ safe travel.Community police carried out inspections of all kinds of places within the jurisdiction to investigate hidden dangers.Epidemic prevention and control police are the city’s night watchmen, they put thousands of families into their hearts, with action to protect the peace of the city.People’s joys and sorrows are not connected, but there is always a lamp left for you, is the sunshine shining into the city, is the warm heart of the sun, year after year, Benxi public security has been by your side.Nison sunset, time staggered from the house to HaiShi good attendance on from day to night, keep him safe this is unusual for a day is also a public security benxi 365 days every day clank oath, glorious mission have me to stick to, please be assured that all the public security police benxi I wish a happy New Year to the national people’s, body health and a happy family, all the best source: public security bureau of benxi editor:Wang Dan Review: Hu Xiaoliang