Month-on-month drop of 12.6%!Last week, 3,302 second-hand residential units were registered online in Beijing

2022-05-15 0 By

Leju second-hand housing Xu name from Beijing week on month down 12.6%!The number of second-hand residential houses registered online last week was 3,302, 476 fewer than the previous week, a drop of 12.6%.The average daily number of online visas on weekdays was 538, down 23.9% from the previous month.At the same time, Tomb-sweeping Day is coming. During the three-day tomb-sweeping Day holiday on April 3, 4 and 5, Beijing registered 74, 57 and 63 second-hand houses respectively.From the days of net sign, Monday, March 28 net sign 678 sets, Tuesday net sign 1285 sets, Wednesday net sign 9 sets, Thursday net sign 233 sets, Friday net sign 467 sets, Saturday net sign 556 sets, Sunday net 74 sets.The average number of online signatures on weekdays was 538, 23.9 percent lower than the previous week’s average of 707.Last week daily net sign trend chart joy ju second-hand house mapping