1-3!The Chinese women’s ice hockey team failed to get off to a good start in its return to the Winter Olympics after 12 years, losing to the newcomers

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China faces Norway in the opening match of the women’s ice hockey competition at the Wukesong Sports Center in Beijing, Feb 3, 2018. [Photo/XINHUA]It was the first time in 12 years for the Chinese women’s ice hockey team to compete in the Olympic Games.The Czechs are playing in their first Winter Olympics, but they have a strong side, scoring 24 goals in three games and conceding just two in qualifying.China’s Zhang Xifang was sent off for two minutes for foul play shortly after the start of the first set, giving the Czechs a chance to play more than enough.The Czech Republic took a 1-0 lead with 9:22 left in the first period after China’s goalie failed to block a long-range shot from Radova 27.With 7:33 left in the first game, the Czech Republic’s No. 18 player was penalized for two minutes after his body blocked a foul and overturned a Chinese player.The Czechs extended their lead 2-0 with 16:03 left in the second when No. 10 Jelena Kritzova fired a shot between the legs of the Chinese goalkeeper.China’s Fianna fouled and was sent off for two minutes in 14:02, leaving the Czech Republic four on five.Czechia Horalkova knocked down Zhang Xifang in 11:45 and was ejected for two minutes.10 minutes 58 seconds China Miller shot hard to get the score back to 1-2.With 13:33 left in the third set, the Czech Republic took advantage of the Chinese substitution and scored a single goal by the no. 18 player, making the score 3-1 and giving the Czech team a two-goal lead.China’s Fianna fouled and was sent off for two minutes at 6:03, giving the Czech republic too many chances.The Chinese women’s ice hockey team lost to the Czech Republic 3-1 after a fierce battle in three games, suffering the black opening of this Winter Olympics.China will face Denmark in the next round, which will also be a tough match.