Your persistence makes this Spring Festival particularly warm!

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Today is the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, the Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, everyone from home back to ning.And in Nanjing, there are such a group of ordinary guardians, for everyone to spend a good Spring Festival, but quietly pay efforts……Before the Spring Festival, nanjing Road Development Center road Network center issued travel tips, during the festival, the city’s road network sub-centers issued a total of hundreds of road information, to ensure the public travel.Jiangbei Highway Station strengthens the work of “two guarantees and one strong”. Daily work is not relaxed during the festival, and daily management and maintenance are carried out on the managed sections.24 hours of uninterrupted maintenance of road maintenance work, during the daytime use of staggered peak time for road cleaning.At night, the key sections of the patrol, and according to the actual situation, the ice sections of the snow melt salt spread operation!The bridge and Tunnel center staff and bridge operation units are on standby 24 hours a day. Winter prevention is strictly implemented during the Spring Festival holiday to make efforts for the safety and smooth flow of the bridge.04 Nanjing Road and Bridge and other maintenance projects to strengthen maintenance personnel and mechanical equipment input, 24 hours to ensure maintenance of clean road environment and smooth road.Set up the leading group of safety protection, decompose and implement the overall arrangements and requirements of the superior, to ensure that “two guarantees and one strong”.Jiangnan Road No. 1 station, zetang Service Zone, Provincial Road no. 243, provides a safe and comfortable parking environment for drivers and passengers by sticking to their posts and performing their duties.The staff of jiangnan Highway Station 2 stick to their posts, do a good job in daily patrol and road cleaning and maintenance, and create a clean and tidy road environment for citizens to travel.071 from midnight on 31, high-speed free release, Ningma toll station staff for high-speed toll collection work to ensure services.It is understood that in order to cope with the possible rain and snow during the Spring Festival, nanjing highway department deployed machinery, equipment, supplies and personnel:A total of 48 emergency teams, including 1,438 people, including 21 young commandos, 729 people, 65 loaders, 153 sets of snow pushing boards, 49 dump trucks, 114 snowmelt spitters, 222 other emergency equipment, 8,630 tons of sand and stone materials, and 3,300 tons of snowmelt agent, were arranged in the national and provincial roads of the city.Ensure the city’s 932 kilometers of national and provincial trunk line safe and smooth.