Hua county popular “field nanny”

2022-05-14 0 By

Henan Daily rural edition reporter Qin Mingfang correspondent Zhang Sen “Didi”, a message was sent to the mobile phone of Du Huanyong, chairman of Huanyong Farmer Planting Professional Cooperative in Hua County, “Another order, Gao Yongfu’s wheat needs herbicide, today is March 24th, we must hurry up arrangements.”In a short time, two self-propelled dosing car to the head, after some debugging, a mass of fog and rain then spewing out, dosing car shuttle back and forth in the field, the field of wheat to enjoy the “medicine bath”.”In the past wheat planting, medicine is the most headache, hire people to work hard not to say, but also hit evenly.”Gao Yongfu, a villager in Duzhuang village, Wan Guzhen town, hui County, said, “Because of the trustee-holding agreement signed with the cooperative this year, there are people ‘worried’ from planting to receiving, which is very convenient.”Land to the “trusteeship class”, please “field nanny” for their own field service, this “trusteeship model” is quietly rising in Hua County.”My land is now in trust, so I don’t have to worry about anything. It’s all mechanized, and food production has increased.”Gao yongfu said.Hui county farmers and cooperatives signed a trusteeship agreement, in terms of output and income agreed and guaranteed.Relying on modern agricultural machinery, unified formula fertilization, unified irrigation, unified pest control and unified sales services, cooperatives, agricultural machinery and farmers to achieve “multi-win”, reduce costs, improve benefits.Chen Haitao, the production team leader of huanyong Farmers’ planting professional cooperative, said, “I am responsible for this piece of land with more than 400 mu of land, driving from south to north, fertilizing, pouring and medicine are relatively uniform, saving time and effort. This piece of land can be poured in about a week.”In recent years, many cooperatives in Hua County have given full play to the advantages of specialization and intensification of agricultural production trusteeship services, opened a new mode of production trusteeship, and facilitated spring tillage production with convenient and high-quality field services.Du Huanyong said: “At present, our cooperative transfers 2,048 mu of land, the land trusteeship service area is 39,000 mu.We give full play to the advantages of agricultural mechanization. These machinery and equipment constitute the ‘cavalry soldiers’ on the agricultural road, providing farmers with farming, planting, management and harvesting. Through the service of cooperative mechanization, farmers have less labor, less worry about farming and higher output.”Cooperative also use “huaxian county enjoys the agriculture housekeeping service platform for agricultural technology services, keep the cell phone become farmers” of the “new tools, truly achieve agro-technique extension” zero distance “, provides farmers farming before, during or after technical information service, strive to solve the practical difficulties in the process of farmers’ land, provides the entire “nanny” service.Editor: Lao Qin