Flying time!Beijing SATELLITE TV’s “Beijing to the Future”, a live broadcast of the Winter Olympics, followed the torch relay to talk about the Olympic heritage

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On February 2, the first day of the Beijing Winter Olympic Torch relay, Beijing SATELLITE TV’s Beijing to the Future live broadcast team sent multiple reporters to cover the torch relay sites.In yesterday’s program, hosts Liu Jing, Yueyue invited urban planner Tian Shenshen, Chinese speed skating champion Wang Meng, former table tennis player Deng Yaping and other guests focused on the first day of the Torch relay, talking about the torch relay scene of the moment and the warmth behind the story.Orson Park was the first stop of the torch relay for the Winter Olympics yesterday.Live, host jinni and urban planners Tian Shenshen of the meaning of the “double the” landmark in-depth digging, it is located in the central axis of Beijing’s northernmost extension cord, as the construction achievement of the Beijing summer games, now become a “flying” the starting point of the winter Olympics in Beijing, this article “is both old and new” central axis of Beijing witnessed the “double the” the best inheritance.Guests followed the reports of the front reporters to review the torch relay in the first stop of China’s first winter sports world champion Luo Zhihuan, anti-epidemic hero Zhang Boli, Tong Zhaohui and other torchbearers of the burning moment;In the studio, also realized deng Yaping, Wang Meng, double Olympic venue designer Li Xinggang, Beijing summer Olympic torchbearers that and li 4 generations of torchbearers gathered warm scene, different time and space torch memory collision at this moment, lit the most vigorous Olympic enthusiasm.”The Olympics changed the course of my life,” said Naheli, who moved away from his hometown of Wali for 17 generations and contributed to the construction of the Bird’s Nest.His father carried the torch for Deng Yaping at the 2004 Athens Olympics, and he won the torch for the 2008 Beijing Games.In the program scene, he realized his and Deng Yaping to take the torch wish, reproduce the Athens Olympic Games when his father and Deng Yaping torch relay scene.Deng yaping said that the inheritance of father and son is a great promotion of traditional Chinese filial piety and the Olympic spirit.In the afternoon of the torch relay, Wang Meng, the “four Gold Kings” of the Winter Olympics, as the first leg in the Winter Olympic Park, reappeared the classic scene of “carrying hands” forward in the competition.In the program, Wang meng revealed that this is a confidence in Chinese sports, but also a good wish for the future of short track speed skating.But of the many torchbearers in the Winter Olympic Park, two stand out.The amphibious robots carried out the first robotic underwater torch relay in Olympic history, giving viewers a sense of the power of Chinese technology.In front of the reporter’s report, ski jump in shougang park shining.The century-old Shougang Park has witnessed the changes of the city. It has already changed from the steel show belt to the ice and snow show belt. It has become the brand new “Winter Olympics” name card of Beijing, and also allows more people to enjoy the fruits of urban development.As Liu Boqiang, an ice maker and employee of Shougang, said in an interview with the program, “The successful bid for the Winter Olympic Games has helped shougang transform its industry, and even brought me a gorgeous turn of grass-roots industrial workers.”On the first day of the Olympic torch relay, China’s curling team edged Switzerland by one point to win their opening match at the Beijing Winter Olympics.On February 2, 2022, the second day of the Chinese New Year, it is a double blessing.In the studio scene, the real-time transmission of the message back to deng Yaping is very excited.She spoke from her own experience as an athlete, noting how such results boost morale and confidence for subsequent teams, and what curling and table tennis have in common.Wang Meng extracted the key points from various miscellaneous projects, predicted and analyzed the future competition conditions, and especially put forward that we should pay attention to the impact of Chinese athletes Gu Ailing and Su Yiming on the gold medal in the ski platform in shougang Park.Fire and ice meet, passion flying.Tonight at 21:05, continue to lock in the large-scale winter Olympics live program of Beijing SATELLITE TV “Beijing to the Future”, and pay attention to the most “high-burning” torch relay, the hottest event coverage!Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: