132,000 beautiful numbers!Do you have anything in mind?Guangyuan new energy vehicle license plate new!

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Guangyuan News.net (reporter Ren Maoxin) February 11, the reporter learned from the Traffic police detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Guangyuan city, in order to support the high-quality development of the city’s green and low-carbon industry, the DMV put 132,000 new energy vehicle plate numbers into the motor vehicle plate pool to facilitate the masses to apply for new energy vehicles.It is understood that the new energy vehicle number plate is divided into the public security Intranet and the Internet.Among them, there are 60000 public security internal networks and 72,000 Internet networks, totaling 132,000.The span of the number section is large, and there are many popular even numbers, as well as three or four with the number.The optional number segment is listed as follows: 1. The number segment of pure electric vehicles on the public security Intranet (60000 pairs in total) is: Chuan HD10000 — Chuan HD19999;Sichuan HD20000 — Sichuan HD29999;Sichuan HD30000 — Sichuan HD39999.The number segment of impure electric vehicle is: Chuan HF10000 — Chuan HF19999;Sichuan HF20000 — Sichuan HF29999;Chuan HF30000 – Chuan HF39999.Two, the Internet (a total of 72000 pairs) pure electric vehicle number segment: Sichuan HD60000 – HD69999;Sichuan HD70000 — Sichuan HD79999;Sichuan HD80000 — Sichuan HD89999;Sichuan HD52000 — Sichuan HD52999;Sichuan HD55000 — Sichuan HD55999;Sichuan HD56000 — Sichuan HD56999;Stream HD57000 — Stream HD57999;Sichuan HD58000 — Sichuan HD58999;Chuan HD59000 — Chuan HD59999.Impure electric vehicle number segment: Chuan HF60000 – Chuan HF69999;Sichuan HF70000 — Sichuan HF79999;Sichuan HF80000 — Sichuan HF89999;Sichuan HF52000 — Sichuan HF52999;Chuan HF55000 — Chuan HF55999;Chuan HF56000 — Chuan HF56999;Chuan HF57000 — Chuan HF57999;Chuan HF58000 — Chuan HF58999;HF59000 – HF59999.Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com