When they are on the road

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Editor’s note: The 2022 Spring Festival Travel Rush officially kicked off on Jan 17.This year’s Spring Festival travel rush lasts for 40 days until Feb 25.People xixi, you and I each have a journey.Stop between, gather scattered whistling, their story hidden scattered in the meantime.Climbing and guarding, imagination and tenacity, genial between the tiny, slow train of the north and south smoke village……When the train arrived, they stood on the back of the party, giving enthusiasm, giving a long journey.From now on, “China Youth” magazine all media launch “Spring Festival travel rush!They stand behind the reunion “series.”Spring Festival!They stand behind the reunion “series reports” when they are on the road @ article, picture/Hao Jin Li Liao Xiaoming Shen Tingting Liao Yun Xu Shaojie home direction is the direction of the heart, reunion is the eternal theme of the Spring Festival.For railway workers, however, sending thousands of passengers home and going to work is the norm.In the depths of winter, midnight nights, from night to dawn, for the lights of thousands of homes, the railroad people are always on the road.Xu Wei is an employee of Kunming Railway Bureau. After leaving for Laos in July 2021, he has been working hard for the opening and operation of China-Laos Kungwan-Wan Railway. He even witnessed the arrival of his daughter, Le Tong, on “Cloud”.At the beginning of his career, Xu Wei heard his master talk about the development plan of Yunnan Railway “eight out of the province and five out of the country”.When he learned that Kunming Railway Bureau would carry out the training of “double backbone” for the opening and operation of China-Lao-Kunming Railway, he immediately signed up.But when it came time for the authorities to send cadres to Work in Laos, the enthusiastic Xu wei was in a dilemma because his wife had just had a baby.Unexpectedly, his wife encouraged him, saying, “With me and my parents at home, you can go to work at ease. I will support you.”Xu Wei finally made up his mind to live up to his family’s support and set a good example for his daughter to be born. “Although everyone is a small stone, he should also make his own contribution in the era of torrent courage.”When he first arrived in Laos, construction was much harder than Xu expected. “There were mud and potholes everywhere,” he said. “There were ‘muddy footprints’ all over the work areas and offices, and occasional bursts of dust in the air.”With his previous experience, Xu Wei quickly devoted himself to the whole organization and safety management of operation and Management Center in Vientiane, capital of Laos.He timely coordinated with construction units for the production protection facilities, lighting equipment and other problems of mixC, ensuring the construction schedule.In Laos for more than 3 months, Xu Wei led the whole organization and safety management work of the center on track step by step.Xu wei and his colleagues worked overtime at night. “It was 35 degrees Celsius, and our blue shirts were wet and dry again. I don’t know how many times we had to cycle, but we were always enthusiastic and finished every task at a high standard.Mention the first ready emU, Xu Wei proudly said.On November 4, 2021, Xu Wei, together with six colleagues who are already in Laos, prepared the first emU at Vientiane Station.The lancang bullet train was “lit up” for the first time at Vientiane station under the scorching sun from 1 PM until 11:30 PM when the stars shone.Mr. Xu now makes a video call with his wife at 10 p.m. every night to watch their daughter grow up in a foreign country.His daughter is growing, and so is he.Often looking at her daughter’s photo in the mobile phone album, Xu Wei’s tears kept turning in her eyes.Xu Wei, his wife and daughter spent the Spring Festival abroad for the first time. Xu Wei made a New Year’s wish — hope that the China-Laos railway will be built better and better, the epidemic will end as soon as possible, and he can take the train back to Kunming and hug his “little cotton-padded jacket” as soon as possible.The 12-second reunion on New Year’s Eve is the most important time of the year for Chinese people.But zhang dengfeng and Liu Jing, a newly married railway couple, had only 12 seconds to reunite.Zhang Dengfeng is a train driver of Xiangyang Locomotive Depot of Wuhan Railway Bureau, and his wife Liu Jing is a passenger operator of Yunmeng Railway Station of Hanxi Railway Depot.Zhang Dengfeng every duty by the train will pass Liu Jing guard yunmeng railway station.On March 8, 2020, they were supposed to get married, but they postponed their wedding for two times to fight against COVID-19. They did not get married until the end of March 2021.This year, the couple who have to go to work on New Year’s Eve specially had a reunion dinner one day in advance. On the same day, Zhang dengfeng sent Liu Jing on the train to Yunmeng.Before leaving, he hugged his wife and comforted her, saying, “It’s ok, it’s ok, mom and dad have been going through this for so many years, and they haven’t spent a few years at home. When we all get together, it will be Chinese New Year…”On New Year’s Eve, Zhang dengfeng drove a train full of electric coal from Xiangyang to Wuhan, while Liu Jing had already been at Yunmeng Railway Station to serve the passengers returning home for their last day of reunion.New Year’s Eve midnight 15 minutes, just returned to the room liu Jing heard from the intercom husband Zhang Dengfeng familiar with the joint control voice, “Yunmeng station, 29952 times close to” “29952 times two through, the driver understand.”Her hands red with cold, she hurried to the platform, staring in the direction of the train.When the train is about to rendezvous with her, the special siren came, Liu Jing happily raised her hands, driving toward her husband’s locomotive than a big heart, a rose clothes, in the light of the train lights is particularly festive.Zhang dengfeng and Liu Jing on the platform of the 12-second “separated reunion” 12 seconds later, the tail of the train flashing lights, gradually disappeared in a dark night, until completely unable to see her husband driving the train, Liu Jing silently turned around, step by step in the cold wind back to their room.The 2022 Spring Festival Travel Rush is the first time for Liu Ming, an employee of zhengzhou Railway Bureau, to attend.Before he started work on New Year’s Eve, he got a call from his mother asking what he had for dinner on New Year’s Eve.Originally only ate a simple dinner in the canteen he answered his mother: “ate braised pork in soy sauce, and dumplings, can be rich, you rest assured!”After the train arrived at the station, Liu Ming skillfully hung up the car, waiting for the next task notice, he said to the master: “I get off the activity activity, the same, hear you whistle I come up.”After getting off, he saw a familiar figure walking closer and closer, Liu Ming suspiciously shouted a: “Mom?””Ah!”It was Liu Ming’s mother.She had been waiting on the platform for a long time so her son could have a bite of hot dumplings.Can see the son serious work of the figure, and can not bear to disturb, but far looking at the platform.Liu Ming’s mother waited for her son to finish his work on the platform on New Year’s Eve, Liu Ming’s mother brought her son hot dumplings. Looking at the dumplings sent by his mother, Liu Ming was moved to cry and lay on his mother’s shoulder like a child.During the July 20 rainstorm in Zhengzhou last year, Liu Ming, who had just been appointed as the deputy driver of a diesel locomotive, was given the task of fighting floods by driving a train loaded with 2,500 tons of cargo onto a railway bridge to improve the stability of the bridge.Mentioning the scene of that day, Liu Ming is still terrified, “when the locomotive pressure on the bridge, the rapid river again and again violently hit the bridge, as if to eat us.”Although there is fear, but Liu Ming and colleagues are still in the wind and rain in front of the charge, successfully completed the task.Big car pressure beam scene can be in the mother’s eyes, Liu Ming is still a child, she did not even understand why the original will be so dangerous task to a “child”.So this time, Zhengzhou bureau youth League committee in the Spring Festival approaching, to Liu Ming prepared a surprise, also let the mother witnessed the “child” has grown into a can guard the lights of the dedicated railway people.Liu Ming eats dumplings made by his mother in the driver’s cab.They are standing behind the reunited “series of Spring Festival transportation reported little: who said that in order to be a hero in the light the Spring Festival this year, they changed the return journey” a tale of two cities “in the” 90 after “slow the car people NianWeiEr” up “relay: from” the tiger trainer “to” ladder to protect people “the supervision: PiJun final: LinYuHong review: psoriasis Liu xiao Bo-wen liu editor: shan-shan cao ShenXi