“Gone Girl” crisp to the bone in the sweet love, bookworms are three brush!

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Hello everyone, the Fingertip Bookstore is back!I heard that you have a shortage of books, is worried to find a good book, the same as the fans of xiaobian today to recommend to you a good novel, minutes to let fans friends see addiction do not sleep!Today xiaobi recommend to everyone: Pure love article: “Gone Girl” crisp to the bone in the sweet love, bookworms are three brush!The first: “the villain incredibly damn sweet” author: breeze scattered introduction: acquaintance one thousand years, sit up and take notice by hate.Once down in the world through the disaster, Shen Wenyu was god into the system to save the villain, the name of the United States: moral cultivation, good deeds.Well, that’s all, but why would he have to get emotionally involved with a villain?This is clearly a personal revenge ah!However, the man was deceived by the pit, when the Lord God became the target of the task, Shen Wenyu did not hesitate to put the Lord God to the corner of the wall and could not retreat: “Lord God, feng shui turns in turn, kneel down quickly to sing conquest!”Lord God: “too year star gentleman full meaning boxing, this respect is inferior to obey.”Guide to the pit 1: although Shen Wenyu has stood up, polite and caring, but for Xie Rong it is not the slightest effect.Xie Rong did not speak all the time, but slowly walked toward Shen Wenyu, the air conditioning is like a poisonous snake generally wrapped shen Wenyu.”What are you doing in Shenfu?”Finally, in the dead silence, She spoke.Shen Wenyu stepped back, not wanting to get so close to this fearsome man.”Isn’t it meant to leave me alone as long as I take my medicine?How do?Is the duke here today for questioning?I haven’t thought about the duke having me followed.”If it had not been for tracking Shen Wenyu, how could it have saved him in time after shen Wenyu was captured?Noticing that Xie Rong’s expression was somewhat strange, Shen Wenyu added: “But I also know that Hou Ye is concerned about my safety. Shen has thanked me for what happened today.””Shen Wenyu, don’t take yourself too seriously.”Xie Rong index finger gently beat the table, the complexion still did not improve, “this hou did not send people to track.”(Click below to read for free) The second book: “Extraordinary Little Master Uncle” by: Bodhi Blood Introduction: the first time I saw him, he is harmless to his smile: come, uncle make way.Goodbye him, a seat sky blue from the sky, surprised pear such as snow: my name is Fu Qingcheng.He, from a time when I do not know what to pass through, came across a thousand years, only for this encounter: Qingcheng, do you know that you are the only comfort this world has given me, priceless treasure.He, with the fate of greedy Wolf in turbulent times, this disdain for the world, but for him, willing to endure the pain of the injury of turbulent times: as long as you want, I, without hesitation.This life, a love war, let who heartbroken: do not remember your taste, your feeling, the next life huge crowd boundless, you let me how to find you.Everyone is unique, and he is just my unique.Into the pit guide two: he Ting song lying on the hard bed, pillow arm, looking at the moon outside the window, originally sleepy, but at the moment sober abnormal.Subconsciously looked around, empty bed board, no familiar figure, no familiar voice in the ear nagging.Micro can not check the sigh, for he Ting song, Fu Qingcheng is really still a child, but will always put two people in the same side, in the end he became naive, or fu Qingcheng that young appearance with a mature heart?”Fu Qing Cheng.”Softly silently reciting the name, he Ting song mouth pulled out a light smile, good night.In the middle of the night there was a sudden knock on the door downstairs.Then came a drowsy voice: “Who is it?”He Ting song was noisy, frowning from sleep, some unaccustomed to turn a body will be covered by ears, some of the dreamy miss in the valley sleep peacefully.”Damn it, midnight drive, dead tired, damn it.”Several voices shouted curses outside the door.”First give ye to three catties of wine, thirsty dead.”Not daring to disobey him, he rubbed his dim eyes and went to fetch the wine, muttering: “Isn’t there an inn at the head of the valley in the west of the suburb?Not till midnight. “” Pooh!One of the passers-by shook his shawl from his shoulder and said, “There is no inn. Once the fire burned down, I guess the whole valley would be gone. The inn turned to ashes long ago.”(Click below to read for free) 3: Gone Girl author: Brief Introduction: I think she is just a introducer, why so responsible, after the introduction of ordinary introducers do not care about them, whether they live or die, do not care about them.Ye Xin is holding two cups, and there are four or five bottles of wine on the table. Each bottle is poured into a different cup, and then mixed together, with a few pieces of ice, he takes three cups of wine and puts them on the table.The owner’s wife gently drink, can not help but send out a good eye, the bartender is more a face of common.Then the owner’s wife took Ye Xin to the backstage, AND I followed her, briefly told her the basic salary requirements here, and then asked her when she could come to work.Ye Xin looked at me as if hesitating.”Why don’t I think about it first, and I’ll let my husband call you back in the evening.”The owner’s wife looked at me puzzled, but Ye Xin said so, she hesitated for a few seconds, but also nodded.We didn’t leave directly, but continued to sit inside, listening to the singers singing.(Click below to read for free) Picture source from the network, infringement will delete today’s novel recommendation here!Does xiaobian talk about your heart?You can also leave a comment to tell me your latest novel, we share good books!See you next time!