Folk tale: the wife cooks, the husband eats and then dies, the magistrate digs the grave twice without abnormality, thief: anus

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Daily updates, please pay attention to!Lu Longqi, a jinshi during the Reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, was appointed magistrate of Jiading County.He usually teaches his son to read in the classroom or grows vegetables in the backyard before sitting down for questioning every morning.His wife was sitting in the back room spinning and weaving, and the three of them made food and clothes by themselves.He did not take bribes or bend the law. He was just and honest. People near and far praised him as an honest official.One morning, an old lady surnamed Su came to report that her son, Su Caiwang, had been engaged in business for two years. When he came back yesterday, the whole family had a happy dinner, but they slept all night, and now his son died in bed.Lu Longqi immediately took the yamen grave-digger to su home inspection, called a coroner, a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law two inquiries.According to Mrs Su, last night’s meal is too close for comfort and the wine is bought by her daughter-in-law. She repeatedly urged her son to drink while eating, but he is too drunken and drunken to die in bed the next morning.The daughter-in-law is noisy and noisy, saying that the man has been away all year long, once he comes back home, I cook food and drink to let him eat a few glasses of wine, this is happy, what’s wrong?When the grave-digger had examined the body, he came to report that there had been no weapon injury, and that the remains of the meal had been fed to the dogs, and that there was nothing abnormal.Lu Longqi looked inside and out again. Outside the window of his daughter-in-law’s room, he saw a road. Under the window was a stone pier, but there was nothing suspicious.Lu Longqi explained a few words, first back to the county government for detailed investigation.After a few days, Lu Longqi, as in the past, always wanted to investigate cases of human life.This day he wore civilian clothes, came to Sue’s neighborhood several families unannounced visits.Some neighbors reflect that su’s daughter-in-law usually does not talk to her neighbors, but dresses up happily.One of my neighbors told me that the window of their daughter-in-law’s room was right beside the road. One day when the neighbor was out, he sometimes came home very late. When he passed by her window, he saw the darkness in her room, but he heard someone inside whispering, like a man’s voice.Lu Long its ask can be su home son come back?Neighbors said her husband had been away on business for more than two years and had not returned.After this visit, Lu Longqi had doubts about his wife.Back to the county official to listen to what su’s neighbor had said.Shall I go to the inspection again, rigorously?But I hear the Suis have buried the body because they have no proof of murder.”Lu Longqi said: “then dig grave” said with the yamen grave-digger, with a large white cloth went straight to the grave, dig the soil, pry Stiffess coffin lid, the body moved out and spread on the white cloth.The grave-digger examined the features, hands, feet and skin of the corpse for a full hour, but found nothing.Grave-digger to lu Long its zhao report.Lu Long it is a little disappointed, had to order the coffin burial head to restore to its original state.Lu Longqi returned to the county government, tea do not think, do not want to eat, the case has been unable to put down the heart.That night, therefore, the grave-digger called to him again: “Dost thou think of any such case in which at first nothing was found, and then fatal evidence was found?”After thinking for a long time, the grave-digger shook her head and said: “No.”Lu Longqi had to ask grave-digger to go back to rest.When grave-digger had withdrawn a few steps, she suddenly turned and said: “I recollected that more than ten years ago there was a murder of my husband in a neighbouring county, in which no injury was found for several times. At last the grave-digger was found to have been holed in, and when she opened her hair she found that a long iron nail had been knocked into the cover, and the case became clear.”Lu Longqi was very excited and asked: “Did you touch the top of your head when you were examining the body today?”The digger answered: “Not at all.”The next day Lu Longqi again took the yamen to dig a grave coroner.To my surprise, the grave-digger had not sunken in the top of the dead man’s head, and had found nothing, so she had to whisper to Lu Longqi.Lu Longqi poured a cold air, had to restore the grave back to the county government.After a few days, suzhou magistrate sent a messenger suddenly spread lu Long its speed to the government ya.Magistrate Feng met lu Longqi scolded: the imperial court criminal law, where digging graves open coffin, must obtain the consent of the deceased’s family, Lu Longqi unauthorized digging graves open coffin, expose the body, Sue’s daughter-in-law has been to suzhou government office.Magistrate Feng put Lu Longqi’s official change, to be declared governor yamen waiting for processing.It turned out that Su’s daughter-in-law was indeed disobedient, and her concubine was Kong Lin, the nephew of the magistrate of Suzhou. They conspired together to kill Su Caiwang.County magistrate Lu Longqi twice dig grave autopsy, it seems that must check to get to the bottom of the matter.Therefore Kong Lin request uncle Feng magistrate to think of a way to prevent lu Long its following reality check again.Feng zhifu at first blame Kong Lin should not kill the crime, but think of their last birthday to the county magistrate sent an invitation, the county magistrate has sent a gift, but this Lu Longqi despise the boss, only sent his wife woven a few pieces of homesickness, now can take this cure Lu Longqi, to eliminate hate.So the magistrate to Kong Lin Sue family daughter-in-law in the name of the government government, called Lu Longqi deposed.What about Lu Longqi?I wanted to continue the investigation, only to lose my position.It did not matter to lose his office, but the fact that the case was unsolved, that the murderer could not be punished, that the dead man could not be accounted for, was a sore point with him.Lu Longqi has been sighing, his wife afraid that he depressed into illness, advised him to go outside to take a walk.In the afternoon, Lu Longqi went out and walked around aimlessly. After lowering his head for an hour, he found himself in the countryside.There was a big river in front of him. After walking along the bank for some distance, I saw a young man sitting by the river fishing. He had already caught a lot of fish in a barrel beside him.Lu Longqi was watching him fishing behind him. The young man invited Him to sit beside him and talk with him.Lu Longqi asked the young man his name, the young man said zhu Xiaoliang.After talking for a long time, it was getting dark. Zhu Xiaoliang said that his house was nearby and he had caught a lot of fish today. He invited Lu Longqi to his house for dinner.Lu Longqi thought no matter anyway, went with him.Zhu Xiaoliang has an old mother, it seems that the family is not well off.Having a good meal, Lu Longqi asked Zhu Xiaoliang what to do for a living?Zhu Xiaoliang said, “To tell the truth, I used to be a thief.Then just as I was about to steal, I saw something that scared the hell out of me. I quit fishing and sold some money every day to feed my mother.”Lu Longqi asked him what had happened, Zhu Xiaoliang said the following words: One night Zhu Xiaoliang passed a house, saw the window was not closed, there was no one inside, he jumped into the window to steal some valuable things.Some one happened to enter the room, and he could not get out of it for a moment. Seeing a large wardrobe in the room, with a flap at the top for protection, he climbed to the top and hid himself.At that time, a woman came in and helped a drunk man to bed. The man immediately “wheezed…”Wheezing” snoring like thunder, the woman pushed him, motionless, already drowsy.After a while, a man jumped out of the window. He was richly dressed, not like a fellow thief.He starts gesturing to women when he comes in.Then the two of them turned over the bed man’s body and pulled his trousers under the bend of his legs. The man who came in pulled out two long bamboo tubes from his body.The woman asked him, “What’s inside?The man said, “A snake.”The bamboo tube is filled with cotton at both ends, and the man sucks a cotton in the lamp oil, then pulls out the other cotton and inserts the bamboo tube into the fart of the man in bed. Then he calls the woman to take the oil fire and burn the cotton that has sucked oil.Perhaps the snake in the bamboo tube was burned by the fire, and it got into the intestines of the man in the bed. The pain made him want to jump up when he woke up. The man and the woman pressed his body and tightened his mouth to forbid him to move or shout out.Lu Longqi hurriedly asked: “Which one is this?”Zhu Xiaoliang said, “No, I only remember that this window is close to the mainland.”‘Is there a stone pier outside the window?Zhu Xiaoliang said: “Yes, I was stepping on the stone pier in.How do you know?”Lu Longqi said: “This woman committed adultery and murdered her husband. The government has opened the coffin for autopsy twice. Do you know that?”Zhu Xiaoliang said, “The government can never find out the means of killing people like this.”Lu Longqi said, “Why didn’t you report the murder to the government when you saw the crime?”Zhu xiaoliang said, “I dare not.How can I see with my own eyes if the magistrate asks?I said I was stealing from this house that night, and I’m afraid I’ll be sued too!”Lu Longqi said: “Zhu Xiaoliang, I am the county magistrate Lu Longqi.”Zhu Xiaoliang’s face immediately changed color.”Plop” kneel down to say: “beg the county father pardon.”Lu Longqi helped Zhu Xiaoliang up and said, “We will not investigate the past.If you can testify against the Su family, you won’t have to fish any more. You can serve in the county government.”Of course Zhu Xiaoliang would.Lu Longqi immediately zhu Xiaoliang provided testimony to write down, called Zhu Xiaoliang hit fingerprints, took back to ya.The second day Lu Longqi rushed to Nanjing to meet futai adults, the case of the Su family from beginning to end one ticket, at the same time presented zhu Xiaoliang’s testimony.Futai adults immediately restore Lu Longqi’s official knowledge, continue to try the case.Lu Longqi returned to Jiading to explain clearly, and sent a notice to Sue’s mother-in-law: tomorrow’s hour must go to su Caiwang cemetery for interrogation.Jiading people heard that the county magistrate for the third time to dig a grave open coffin autopsy, not hour early crowded to the grave.Soon, Lu Longqi led the yamen grave-digger as a person and so on, immediately dug a grave open coffin autopsy.On this occasion, when inspecting the anus of the corpse, the grave-digger saw that something was outside the body, and when pulled by the grave-digger, a snake was drawn out, which the spectators instantly ate.Grave-digger to report to the magistrate that there was no injury in the corpse, that by opening the anus a dead snake was pulled out, confirming that the murderer had inserted the snake into the anus and into the intestine, and that the dead man had died of pain, so that the skin of the corpse was not injured.After a few days, the snake tried to retreat, but its strength was exhausted and it suffocated in its intestines. Before its tail could exit its intestines, it died in its intestines.Please examine the above situation.Lu Longqi told the tomb to restore to its original state, while Sue’s daughter-in-law to the county government interrogation.Su’s daughter-in-law refused to admit the murder at first, but later Zhu Xiaoliang went to court to testify and told the story from beginning to end about how he had murdered his concubine that night.Sue’s daughter-in-law listened to tremble all over, unable to deny, had to truthfully confess.Finally, after the report to the governor yamen for approval, Kong Lin, Su’s daughter-in-law were executed on the spot, the case also ended.Finally, I would like to say: justice will come late, but never absent!So, to those who do evil: think before you act, because justice has long arms!Folklore is not only the spiritual text of the people, but also an important form of education and entertainment.One place one history, one place one culture.Folklore is the fastest and most direct way to understand and integrate into a place.Hope you enjoy these stories!