Dance poem drama “only this green” shenyang station ticket how many money?

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On May 8, 2022, shenyang Stage of dance and poetry drama “Only This Green” will open in Liaoning Grand Theater. Invite your friends to join us and enjoy the charm of Traditional Chinese culture through dance and poetry drama “Only This green”.Dance poem drama “only this green” shenyang station time: 2022-05-08 Sunday 14:30/19:30 dance poem drama “only this green” shenyang station location: liaoning grand theatre dance poem drama “only this green” shenyang station ticket price: 80,280,380,480,680,880 source:Huanghe Ticketing APP “Dance Poetry Drama” is a comprehensive stage presentation with dance as its vocabulary and poetic expression to create a realm of “silence wins sound”.”Only this green” —– a let the millennium painting “thousands of miles of rivers and mountains” “come alive” dance poetry drama, the play to the perspective of today, trace back to the excellent traditional Chinese culture, the audience will follow a contemporary researcher of the Palace Museum, wandering in the legendary Chinese traditional aesthetic interest.The story starts from the dialogue between the curator of the Forbidden City and wang Ximeng, the painter. From the perspective of modern people, traditional aesthetic skills such as scroll exhibition, seal script, silk singing, stone searching, brush learning, ink quenching and painting are presented one by one in the rough birth process of “Map of Thousands of Rivers and Mountains”.Inspired by wang Ximeng’s famous painting “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains”, “Only This Green” features exquisite elements of national style from costumes and makeup to stage Settings and lighting treatment, presenting the pure beauty of National style to the audience.There are poems, paintings, dances, music, cultural thoughts and aesthetic implications, not only to see the play is to see the exhibition, dance poetry drama “only this green” Shenyang station absolutely let you feast your eyes!