5 undergraduate majors that suck!”Lofty” in the eyes of parents, in fact, employment difficulties

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Please go to wechat to search the following public account to see more content in this area.The significance of the college entrance examination for students is self-evident. Entering an ideal college is the explanation for years of hard study, but also has a fundamental impact on the future development.But the college entrance examination is definitely not a simple test.Grades are only the first step in deciding where a student will go. There is another step that cannot be ignored: voluntary choice.Who can have a better future, from this moment on is not only determined by grades and rankings, the choice is very important.Formal employers in the recruitment of time, often have more requirements for professional, professional learning is not suitable for their own or in the market less job opportunities, will face a lot of difficulties.Today we say a few not quite recommend the major that average classmate enters oneself for an examination, these major “overcrowded”, unless can enter first-class college, obtain employment difficulty is very big otherwise.The Ministry of Education has proposed that medical education needs to “stop secondary vocational education, control higher vocational education”, focusing on the development of undergraduate.It also specifically lists clinical medicine majors, which will gradually achieve “one enrollment”, meaning that in the future, one enrollment may only be the starting point.The medical profession itself is popular, want to enter the hospital as a doctor is not so easy to imagine.If the candidate’s academic record is very limited, then to say a big truth: it is really not recommended to register clinical major.It would be better to choose the less popular option with a potential shortfall in future demand.With the deepening of globalization, foreign language ability is becoming more and more important in many industries, and students who are good at English can usually find high-paying and “foreign style” jobs.With the continuous optimization of foreign language education, there are too many college students who can speak English.Graduates often form a state of polarization, those well-known universities students themselves starting from a high speed of progress, can indeed do interpretation, simultaneous interpretation and other high-end jobs.However, most ordinary students have few opportunities to change careers.03 Teachers: “double non-students” into public schools more and more difficult to learn teachers major students, almost all are running to become a teacher.Nowadays, after-school remedial classes are “gone”, and many experienced after-school teachers are trying to get into school positions.Many of them, including graduates from prestigious universities, master’s and doctor’s degrees, are also applying for jobs because they want to be recognized by the society.Neither 985 nor 211 of “double non” normal students, into the public school difficulty coefficient soared.04 Software engineering: the requirements of large enterprises are too high, the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises are limited to do software development and maintenance, it sounds like a relatively advanced job, but now universities of all levels will have this major, and even many vocational training institutions will have this course.But graduate employment situation is very different however, big enterprise working environment and pay are good, but the requirements are very high, usually go to key colleges and universities for school recruitment every year is enough.And small and medium-sized enterprises need limited people, wages are lower.Chemistry: with few positions and relatively narrow employment, chemistry graduates from ordinary universities usually seek technical positions in some factories.There was a time when this major was very popular, but as the industry changed, the number of jobs became more and more saturated.It is not easy to find a job, and the environment may not be ideal. Many positions are still on shift, and students with poor physical fitness are more likely to feel tired.Every year a large number of graduates, many choose to give up this major.Popular majors do not mean suitable for registration, “following the crowd” may bring disadvantages.Many parents and examinees may refer to popular majors when choosing a major.To some extent, there is a realistic reason for the high temperature of the examination. It must be that everyone is optimistic about the prospects of the industry.However, choosing a major involves many aspects of consideration, it is best not to hold the mentality of “following the crowd”, because “following the crowd” may bring employment difficulties.So many students are choosing the major, can the market really accommodate?Therefore, we can see that many popular majors, although successful graduates, the salary is really good;But we ignore the large number of graduates who find it difficult to “land” and have to look elsewhere.More popular often means more fierce competition, followed by merit-based recruitment, the entry threshold is higher and higher.If you are really interested in this kind of major, you can enter yourself for an examination with good grades.If the performance itself is not outstanding, can only be admitted to the average level of university, it needs to carefully choose;A major doesn’t guarantee you a job after graduation.Under the situation of talent saturation, only first-class universities can have a good way out. The above five categories of majors will not be so ideal unless they can be admitted to the double first-class universities, so the 2022 high school candidates should be careful to apply.