Three tips to save money by upgrading your phone in 2022

2022-05-12 0 By

Mobile phone to buy the price, let a lot of friends especially difficult to accept, mobile phone belongs to consumables do not maintain value, so we should “avoid pit” when buying mobile phone, how to buy a really affordable good mobile phone?We all know that mobile phone industry increasingly fierce competition, brings consumers a lot of preferential, although a big discount, but can’t catch start time, the same configuration of mobile phones will also spend a lot of money, I intend to replace in 2022 mobile phones today friend some purchase experience, three tips to save money, buy a mobile phone does not spend money.The mainstream mobile phone configuration on the market is basically 128GB, which is the manufacturer’s initial memory configuration. Why not start with 128GB? We can look back at the following two years ago, 64GB mobile phone configuration is much stronger than 32GB.However, 64GB phones are now on the obsoletion stage and have to be replaced due to lack of memory.Mobile hardware configuration promotion at the same time, the software is also escalating, mobile game, and a variety of APP also in improving memory, now with 128 gb of memory cell phone still can barely enough, with 128 gb of memory cell phones a year later will be very hard, so one pace reachs the designated position directly spend hundreds of yuan of 256 gb version of mobile phone, seems to spend the money, is actually save money,In this way, people will not have to worry about memory problems in four or five years. They will directly choose the large memory version when buying mobile phones in 2022, which indirectly saves a lot of costs.618 years big promotion, double tenth one buy really cheap phone replacement must have the plan, when there is a phone often caton, memory, will be planned to replace mobile phone signal is not good situation, mobile phone as an everyday vehicle for communication, flow experience is the basic, replace the phone to seize the time, in the big community is double 11 activity of 618 years,The new high-end machine can save 300-1000 yuan in the activity period, the online activity price is more close to the people than the offline, so everyone in the e-commerce activity period to buy really cheap.We can also go to PDD to buy mobile phones, billions of subsidies are very powerful, iPhone13 price can be much cheaper than JINGdong, everyone in the purchase of a false promise to pay ten, invoice can ensure that it is genuine goods, save the money can take your family to eat a big meal.You think so.Buy old, not new, buy more this way”Mobile phone buy new don’t buy the old”, the author’s view is to buy the old don’t buy a new, flagship machine price is much cheaper, because the old one not bad in the hardware configuration, released a year in the mobile phone in addition to price, performance configuration is not bad, all kinds of mobile game to run is not demanding, “buy new don’t buy the old” point of view is no longer set up, such as millet 11 released last year the price of 3999 yuan,The price after lie between one year entered 2999 yuan, save a year next 1000 yuan, proceed with it not more sweet now, the configuration of last year bought reoccupy 3 5 years no problem, this everybody should agree with.Digital enthusiasts have said: everyone is planning to buy a mobile phone in 2022, be sure to read the above three money saving tips, to buy a really affordable good mobile phone, do not spend too much money, feel the author said reasonable, remember to like + follow, forward to more friends.