Invented by Zhu Yuanzhang

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Ming Dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang proclaimed himself emperor in Nanjing!From a beggar to an emperor is unprecedented!The first person in 5000 years of China!This portrait may be the portrait of The Qing Dynasty slandering Zhu Yuanzhang for the desire for power, he has a very persistent!For all the rules of politics!He solved it in a seemingly simple and crude way!You flip the table and push it all the way!Until satisfied!First, abolish the prime minister, from Li Shanchang to Hu Weyong, he killed, court hall has no prime minister!Because the government care not to come!His descendants invented the cabinet system!Although not zhu Yuanzhang’s direct invention!Also from Zhu Yuanzhang!Second, he invented the low salary system, which made the Ming officials very poor!This appeared in the Ming and Qing dynasties corrupt officials very much!All kinds of unspoken rules emerge!Personally think Zhu Yuanzhang from childhood to be an official hate, the development of the literati when pigs and dogs!Reflected in the use of the rod!Third, the separation of local three powers!Government, department and army!Don’t interfere!Avoid warlords!Later, there were governors and governors, all of whom belonged to the Central Commissioner!Temporary assignment!Fourth, the household registration system, this system!So that people can only be honest in their own one mu three points!There’s not much turnover!He had so many more inventions to talk about!Please give us more guidance!