Fuyang issued the latest announcement

2022-05-12 0 By

Today, Fuyang District issued notice No. 20 2022:In order to further improve the coverage of nucleic acid testing and restore the normal order of production and life as soon as possible, it has decided to organize nucleic acid testing for all personnel in specific areas and free nucleic acid testing for “willing to test all”. The relevant information is hereby notified as follows:I. Site sampling time: February 6, 20222. Sampling and detection objects (I) All detection objects All citizens within the area of Fuchun Street, Yinhu Street, Xindeng Town, Shangguan Township and Dongqiao Town shall be fully inspected.(2) All citizens except the above five towns (streets) should take nucleic acid test at least once after January 31 (nucleic acid sampling sites should be community health service centers of towns and streets, and specific arrangements can be made by consulting the villages and communities where they live).(3) After January 31, all persons coming from other places to return to prosperity should go to the nearest nucleic acid sampling sites of community health service centers in towns and townships and subdistricts for nucleic acid testing.Citizens are requested to take the nucleic acid test in a timely and orderly manner by carrying their identification documents, wearing masks and cooperating with on-site staff in accordance with the notification of their communities.Nucleic acid testing is to contribute to the prevention of the entire region, your cooperation is vital to stop the spread of the epidemic!Thank you for your understanding and support!The weather is cold, please pay attention to keep warm!Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and control Emergency Command in Fuyang District, Hangzhou city