Every one of Chao’s 10 highest-grossing Hong Kong films is a good action movie

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NO. 10: punch velocity, box office: hk $770000 Vincent zhao is not only good acting skills, martial arts also, Vincent zhao Ming Ming is a kung fu jie, do not need to rely on luck to make what the mirror, it happened a few dozen play all the footage fragmented to look, for play and play, the play from beginning to end, play the play is wonderful, but not really weak to plot,There’s no logic.Emily Cheung is beautiful, Vincent Chiu is handsome, and she’s a total wreck.If you want to do the popular two-male routine of Hong Kong films, you have to set the big frame on such things as two lovers at one time.Hong Kong films always have a magic power, which lies in that even a bad film can make the audience enjoy it. This film also does the same thing, integrating revenge and comedy together. Even though the plot seems very childish, it still makes you have the conflict to watch.NO.8: “The Broken Blade” box office: 3.3 million Hong Kong dollars male hormones and violent perversion, ahead of its time.Zhao wenzhuo is too accurate.The storyline is very simple.After ding ‘an found his father’s enemy, he lost his right hand, accidentally got the knife spectrum, and practiced the unique sword skills to revenge.Hsu’s good films and Zhao Wenzhuo’s films supported by one hand are completely representative of classic Hong Kong films, both in terms of color and action. The plot is not too difficult, a one-armed blade man’s coming-of-age epic.This, the apprentice all come together, in addition to the emotion is a little absurd the rest is ok, Zhao Wenzhuo’s fighting skills or two.The fifth part of the Tsui Hark please come back immediately is not the same, clean and crisp, bad thoroughly, hit a clean, thirteen aunt fourteen aunt is responsible for beauty, others are each doing their duty, finally for Zhao Wenzhuo to pull back a game.This plot is really retarded, especially the role of Shu Qi, as if there is a serious illness, the villain does not kill her I want to kill her, two people’s feelings play is puzzling without a spark.What role does Shu Qi play in it? She destroys it all by herself. I don’t understand the meaning of her role at all, but as an action movie, the action scenes are very qualified.No.5: “Sparrow flying Dragon” box office: hk $6.87 million idol drama plot, Zhuo set special Sue, it is very idol drama male hero.The point is, I don’t think he’s compatible with the girl.A love blocking but bad luck of the woman, and a gambling but eager to escape the story of the man.Xiao Fangfang’s dark humor, Zhao Wenzhuo’s young face, OMG, handsome miserable.Read dream material before going to bed.The color, graphics and music of this film are all outstanding.Maggie Cheung and Joey Wang are two great beauties with ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings.Good-looking is full of power, a lot of first sight is not surprised by the fragments, and then touch the taste of thick.You have tasted those complex tastes, and when you return to humble food, you have the contrast of survival.Wind of the King is still a classic.I do not know martial arts, but see zhao Wenzhuo’s skill is also natural and unrestrained, rigid and soft.In fact, HUANG Feihong series of movies I like, because the theme is good, very inspirational, indeed behind will be beaten, but there is such a hero, and full of hope.Cho’s version is also very good.Although Wen Zhuo is not good at acting here, her appearance is good, so the shooting gave a lot of close-ups to avoid the shortcomings of acting.Thirty years of Hong Kong movies still look so fashionable and trendy. In terms of story structure and music, they are the best martial arts films in my mind. The characters are vivid and vivid.Happy, warm, humorous and funny, it has the advantages of Hong Kong commercial film, rare is a handsome male and female protagonists, but also have acting.The play is very expressive.The plot is not very tortuous.But the pictures are great. It’s fun to do simple things like washing, killing fish, driving, arm wrestling.I can’t stop laughing when I watch it.Good play by Law Ka ying.The same drama, one is drama, another is tragedy.Cho’s top 10 grossing Hong Kong films, every one of them is a good action movie!