Double star tonight, zero humiliation or inspire Yan Bingtao, Zhao childe third crown to come?

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The 21-22 Snooker Players Championship began in full swing on Sunday morning, with mark Williams beating Gary Wilson 6-3 despite a poor touch in the final of the last British Open.Another group of showdown between “Melbourne machine” Neil – Robertson and “king of 90” Karen – Wilson, after three hours of fierce competition, the final overall strength of the superior radish 6-4 breathtaking promotion, that a wonderful K live tie ku coffee ball locked the season ten best ball.Masters often lose because of simple mistakes or mental changes in the match, looking forward to tonight’s match Yan Bingtao and Zhao Xintong can beat their opponents to advance to the quarterfinals!YanBingTao vs. gilbert, China tiger three wins and a negative have the upper hand play a total of four times, two career YanBingTao three times the last laugh, German masters in just finished the first round, easily defeat the Chinese tiger 5-3 potatoes, recent downturn gilbert state for a period of time, regardless of their recent play only (a) bad record,The excitement of winning the Champions League last year seems to have worn off.In contrast, Yan bingtao, eager to avenge the zero win, will have amazing energy in the first round, and it will be extremely difficult for Tudou brother to beat Yan bingtao in the best-of-11 match. Yan bingtao is predicted to advance 6-3.Zhao Xintong VS Hawkins, old master Huo or difficult to resist the fierce attack of Zhao Childe six times in their career, Zhao Xintong 4-2 temporarily the upper hand, although in the Masters Hawkins incarnated tiger hero, shot down five tigers all the way into the final, but it is very difficult to beat the limelight of Zhao Xintong!Ding junhui in the season’s poor let the fans be disappointed But zhao heart child was born to let fans crazy for it, the brocade and German masters title let he one season ranking ranks first, climbed to the seventh player rankings, he accuracy in the drama of the stage to confront, frequently opponent once mistakes can only sit and the location of the best drink the bitter water,Zhao xintong is predicted to win easily 6-2!If Zhao xintong and Yan Bingtao meet in the quarterfinals, will Gao xiumin be able to avenge her humiliation?Please leave comments and discuss