Correct storage mode is the fundamental reason for the good quality of pu ‘er raw tea

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Ten years hand-painted’s original water breakthrough west tea culture spread aesthetic graphic | | element, neon 1 process flow diagram:2 — Storage requirements of Pu ‘er raw tea — Pu ‘er raw tea is active post-fermented tea. Only correct storage conditions and methods can ensure that pu ‘er raw tea can be transformed into better taste, quality and flavor with the increase of time.Therefore, the unique taste of Pu ‘er tea has a great relationship with its natural aging.The newly processed pu-erh tea should be placed in a relatively dry warehouse for natural drying, so as to form a unique aged aroma. The best aged raw pu-erh tea needs dry storage.1. Temperature control can slow down or accelerate the change of Pu ‘er tea, and the enzyme activity is the best when the storage temperature is 24 ℃ to 25 ℃.Lower than 20 degrees will slow down the change of tea, while higher than 38 degrees will lead to accelerated fermentation and acid of tea leaves. In addition, articles are more likely to emit their own smell under high temperature. Microbial activity also increases with the temperature, too high will lead to enzyme activity passivation and affect the value of drinking.2. Avoid direct exposure of tea leaves to sunlight.”Avoid light” preservation, light has a strong penetration and oxidation, ultraviolet will directly affect the enzyme activity, can degrade chlorophyll, make tea color significantly brown.If the tea cake is kept in a place where the sun shines from time to time, it will have a bad smell within three months and will smell good.Therefore, it is best to put in the carton, in a hidden place transparent preservation.Because proper natural light can accelerate the aging of tea leaves, gradually forming pu ‘er tea’s quality characteristics of “red and thick soup color, mellow taste, more fragrant with age”.Therefore, tea should not be placed too much on the shelves for sale for a long time.Just the lofting tea.3, humidity, humidity is the principal enemy puer tea, humidity gao not age has the quality of puer tea, dried and bring about 9% of moisture in shai, external water can affect the tea good aging, humidity is big tea microbes will gradually to speed up the breeding, let the fermentation of puer tea occurred outside the decomposition, cause mould.4, prevent miscellaneous taste, odor Pu ‘er tea is easy to absorb the smell of other substances, should avoid family lampblack, cosmetics, sanitary balls, air freshener, mosquito repellent tablets, all kinds of flowers and fragrant food, incense, incense, etc.5, the sealing degree to maintain ventilation, dry, dehumidification when necessary, summer rainy south, moisture is heavy, in order to prevent a large number of hydrophilic compounds in tea to absorb moisture caused by mildew, speed up the deterioration of Pu ‘er tea, should be timely window ventilation or appropriate through the air conditioning dehumidification, to facilitate the distribution of water.If there is no need for dehumidification, ventilation will constantly blow away the aroma of tea leaves. Excessive ventilation is contradictory to the aging and fragrance of tea leaves. Tea aroma is the energy release process during decomposition of tea leaves, among which enzyme catalysis is an important one.According to the storage purpose of tea, determine the requirements of ventilation, if the requirements of short-term change speed and red soup, more ventilation, if the requirements of the tea more old and fragrant, the pursuit of ancient trees and mountain tea characteristics and charm on the seal as far as possible, can be packed into purple sand containers stored in a relatively cool and dry place.