“Buddha door internal skill secret method” let you easily internal skill entry, 20 minutes practice internal force

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“Buddha Hanquan internal Skill Secret Method” let you easily internal skill introduction, 20 minutes practice internal force!”Dear Warrior: Hello, I am xuanxieke!If you want to develop your inner strength quickly, this is the most precious gift you will receive this year.The reason is simple.Recently, many martial artists said to me that they want to learn internal kung fu!But bought the teaching material of tens of thousands of yuan……Found a lot of masters to give directions……Still nothing!Even, not even a trace of internal force out of practice, it is very painful!Is there no internal work in this world?Wrong!There is internal work!So…What’s the problem?Quite simply, the problem is…”Most of the internal training can’t really get you started!”First of all, internal kung fu is the practice, guidance and application of “qi” in the body!If you practice internal skill has never been entry, you have never practiced internal qi, even……You never feel the internal force!What about guidance and deepening?Let alone practice and use!Secondly, when you really get inside the door, you will immediately feel the changes and reactions of your body. These reactions and changes are the only signs of inside the door, which I call……”Five points jump!”It mainly contains the following 3 points: 1, at the beginning, your whole body will heat!2. Then, the palms of your hands will beat!3. Keep practicing, and within a week your feet (the center of your foot) will start beating, within a month……Your head will also beat, so……Your internal skills will be introduced!Have you ever felt any of the above?If not, of course you can’t practice internal skills!This means that you have never really learned the rudiments of kung fu!So how can we achieve “five acupoints beat”, really complete the entry to internal work?The answer is simple!If you want to feel the change of your body in 20 minutes……I’ll help you make it happen!Because, in the past few months, I have been studying a new set of introductory training system, the core of which is the “five acupoints beat” technique, its sole purpose is to help you achieve “five acupoints beat” in 20 minutes, so as to enter the internal skills and quickly practice the internal force!You will get: – help you learn internal skills in 20 minutes, really practice internal forces!Practice in accordance with the method, so that you can quickly feel the fierce beating of internal force in the palm of the hand!Let you quickly feel the flow of internal qi, easily into the door of internal practice!Let you learn how to control the internal force, in order to achieve the effect of constantly enhancing internal force!(In this way, you will have a basic foundation for practicing any advanced internal skills.)That’s it!I’m sure you already know about this secret, so……”How do you learn the secret?”Very simple!Please like or save this article, click my avatar private letter I “internal gong” two words to understand the learning method!Due to limited energy, only the top 30 martial arts!I’ll see you later!Special note 1: Although THE main training content of “Five Acupoints Dance” is already in production, I am still perfecting its more specific form and details.In order to make sure that this column course can 100% solve all your problems in practicing internal kung fu, and really get you through the rudiments of internal kung fu quickly, I have a small request before I go into more details with you:……Please click on the comments below to tell me what puzzles and questions you have encountered in your past internal training.Special remind: the next article, I will be more comprehensive answer to your question about the introduction to the internal training, and “the five point to beat” column will include more detailed internal work secret, in order to ensure that you can immediately receive my article, please thumb up or bookmark this article, and on Monday night 8:00 (February 14, 2022) opened the headline reading on time!