Will law fair price sales of 819,000 welcome to the store deign to inquire

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The first FAW Toyota 4S shop in Shijiazhuang — Corolla double engine E+ is exempt from purchase tax, vehicle and ship tax, and can enjoy new energy subsidies, with a direct reduction of 33,000 yuan for the whole system.Vios and VIOS FS enjoy 50% down payment for two years without interest;Corolla, Yi Ze, Rong Fang, Asia Dragon enjoy down payment 40% one year interest-free, down payment 50% two years interest-free replacement can enjoy 5000 yuan subsidy 900 yuan enjoy 3 years 6 maintenance, let you buy a car, keep a car without worry.Ultra-low daily supply of 43 yuan car, let you buy a car more easily!Click the “inquiry” button, after submitting the information, the “surprise bottom price” of this car will be sent to your mobile phone for free!Telephone and network consulting customers on the basis of the network offer more cash concessions and multiple gifts, now or never, seize the time to consult the activity time from February 20, 2022 to February 27, 2022