The owner of a gym in Guangdong gave 3,000 yuan in cash when he entered the shop, but earned 3.82 million yuan a year

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Today I will bring you a case is: there is such a gym in Guangdong, the boss proposed: enter the shop to give 3000 yuan in cash.Many people thought the boss would lose money, but what happened?People not only do not lose money, but in the short time of a year, crazy account 3.82 million.Case Background Boss Zhu is the boss of the gym, but also today to introduce the protagonist of the case.Speaking of zhu boss this person, think at the beginning is also a bungalow rural people, to look no appearance, to work no work, helpless life is good, home demolition, direct wealth.Then he started his own business and made a fortune running this gym.Yes, boss Zhu’s family used to be particularly poor, a family of seven people rely on a bungalow life, coupled with zhu boss did not read what books, can not find a good job, usually pocket money on the card table, such a person, what good life?This is not, zhu boss’s ex-wife because can not stand this kind of bitter, put forward a divorce, with children remarry others.Result you don’t say, this close son all tube other people call father, zhu boss also do not care about.Later we all know, urban expansion, hurt a lot of places, zhu’s home so have been torn down, since then, zhu humble poor, leng became the nouveau riche, quite a bit of “small success” idea, zhu went to the bar to drink every day bubble sister, because have money, sister also willing to with him, a week in a can not weigh appearance.But this guy played a lot of ah, also tired of.In addition to these years boss Zhu has been playing, those friends around him are some look down on him, think he is just sitting on a mountain.Because of this kind of “look down on”, also let zhu boss initiation of their own business idea, so, Zhu boss gym also opened.Originally, many people thought that the “life” of this gym would not be too long, after all, the boss zhu is an uneducated old man.But you don’t say, probably because boss Zhu himself is from the bottom of the people, he is very clear about what ordinary people want.So he launched a series of campaigns aimed at that, and guess what?Within a year, Zhu earned 3.82 million yuan.When Boss Zhu opened the gym, he launched an irresistible activity.The activity content is also very simple, just one move: enter the store to give 3,000 yuan in cash.Imagine if you were a customer and you saw such an event, would you refuse?It’s free cash. I’m sure not many people can resist that, can they?However, the problem comes, Zhu boss do so, and how to profit?The “tips” used in this case are a small part of the marketing wisdom collected in this column. If you are having a hard time, if you lack customers, if your product is not selling, you might as well look in the column collection to see if there is a suitable industry for you, to see how smart people do business.It’s getting harder and harder for gyms to make money these days. Why?The reason is very simple, because before somebody else comes to you here do card, you pour good, manage not go down, begin to roll money to run away, you say somebody else still can trust you again?Because of this, now each gym is racking their brains to recruit members.Boss Zhu, knowing this situation, still resolutely opened this gym, and when the gym opened, launched such an activity: during the activity, as long as customers enter the store for a membership card, they can get 3000 yuan in cash.Want to know, the cost of a membership card also is only 2988 yuan, after you do a card now, still can get 3000 yuan cash, how to look, zhu boss is red and red right?However, the boss suffered a loss, the customer is naturally happy, a happy customer, can not come to do membership card?However zhu boss really can lose money?No, because the 3000 yuan will not be given to you right now, but you will be given a cash card first, and you can exchange the cash card after you complete the task of punching in the gym.You have to punch in 300 times a year for no less than an hour.Do you think it’s an easy task?No, if you’ve ever signed up for a gym membership, you’ll know how difficult this task is.This is not, take boss Zhu’s customer for example, the person who finally completes the task is less than 10%, you say boss Zhu can not make money?Of course, the event (industry) cases mentioned here are only a few of the methods, but there are many more strategies, opportunities and “routines” in my column for brick-and-mortar stores.It also summarizes hundreds of cutting-edge money-making industries and new categories.If you’re interested, click on it to see if there’s a project for you.Finally, Zhu boss is like this, using “into the store to send 3000 yuan cash”, a year income 3.82 million.