“Poison tongue small make essence” female poison tongue yan good, a black technology overflow

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There are so many types of network novels, but you book friends fall in love with ancient Chinese novels. How much fate do you think this is?Hahaha!Speaking of which, I believe we can’t wait!So let’s get to the subject together!Today xiaobian to introduce you to “poison tongue small work essence” female poison tongue yan good, a black science and technology burst the first book: “poison tongue small work essence” main line: “poison tongue small work essence” female poison tongue yan good, a black science and technology burst the wonderful content: “worry should have, but ‘very’, not necessarily.”Yu Tan that guy, but very rational, two years of the test, hidden in the secret environment of countless treasures, he should be aware of, even if he tried to find, also can not find themselves, after thinking, he should choose the most favorable choice for him.Yu Tang did not agree, she took a small branch, bored poke poke is burning fire, lifted eyes, eyes reflected is the fire is sexy light: “Son of Yan, you have seen a lot of knowledge, often go out to experience, must be encountered a lot of interesting things, tell me about it.”I also walk around the south of Beijing, interesting things, or jiang Childe knows more.”Yan Qiu also looked at Jiang Yubei and said, “Last year, didn’t Childe jiang go to Lanyang with Jingyu for exchange and study?I heard that Lanyang is an endless sea, and everyone lives on the islands of Lanyang. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 800 islands in Lanyang, and these 800 islands have their own customs.”Jiang Yubei nodded haughtily.”Of course.”Jiang Yubei looked at Yan Qiuye and said, “When I went with Jingyu, Lanyang was no longer cold. The temperature was warmer. When the sea breeze blew, the smell of salt could bring coolness.Jiang Yubei said so, Yu Tang suddenly wanted to go to see.After hearing the man’s words, Ling Chuanhuan did not pay attention to the man’s rudeness, and her attention was diverted to the auction house on that day, and she did not know what the arena was.In line with the spirit of everything here is full of curiosity, Ling Long Huan decided before shopping, can go to join in the fun.Such as ling day huan to follow the crowd to the day qu qu auction auction house door can not help but sigh when this day is really big, far can see that the top three floors of the building a big day word while standing, around nine different style of delicate small sword around took off, and the auction house set up at the gate of a table is two meters high,In the center of the stage, about four cubic meters covered in red flannel, stood the auctioneers, speaking briskly.There were so many people around the ring that Ling, who did not like crowds, could only watch from the edge.Also do not know what this host is holding in the hand, incredibly and China’s microphone similar, obviously far away, the sound is still clear into the ling Long huan’s ear.”Welcome to visit tianqu auction house this activity, I believe that after waiting so long everyone is very curious about what is behind me, so let me unveil today’s prize for you!”As the announcer spoke, the red flannelette was lifted into the air by four silk threads.And accompanied by the flannelette open and around here and there pumping sound.”Oh my God, it’s the Silver Wolf!””More than that, you see that is sky machine silver Wolf king!””I don’t know what it is that the auction house of The Thoroughfare wants to do, to take the fifth order of the Heavenly Silver Wolf king as a prize!”(Click below to read for free) The third book: An Unforgivable Life Highlights: Gu Fei’s father watched su Bei gradually disappear from his sight, he was difficult to stand up, ready to go home.”What are you thinking, Feifei, sitting on the balcony?””Nothing, just in a daze, what did you just do?””I saw an acquaintance and chatted with him!””Oh!””Feifei, you’ve been resting for over twenty days now and dad wants to ask you, have you decided when you’re going to school?””Dad, I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I’m going to start school next Monday.There are two months to the college entrance examination, I want to abandon all shouldn’t have the idea, good calm down, work hard, 18 years of efforts for the college entrance examination that two days, I should not continue to degenerate.””All right, but are you ready?””Ready!I am no longer the guffy I used to be. I know what I should do and what is most important to me.Since god let me survive, I will cherish every day stolen back.And dad, thank you for being with me during this time!””Silly boy, AS long as you are safe, I am happier than anything!””Dad, I won’t let you feel sorry for me anymore!”Gu Fei’s father heard what Gu Fei said, his heart is very gratified.”In this way, even if I leave, Gu Fei can also be strong to live!”(Click below to read for free) “Poison tongue small works essence” female poison tongue yan good, a show on the black technology overflowing do not know xiaobian today this book list, have you let book friends heart?If you have a better novel, please share with us!Don’t forget to leave your lovely footprints in the comments section!