Luoning new fashion mountain village group worship busy

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The first group of donggou, a small mountain village under the wuji mountain in the suburbs of Luoning County, has 120 households with the surname of Ma, Zhang, Huang, Wang, Wei, Qin, Xue, Chen, Guo and An, and a registered population of 476 people.Donggou village has a good ecological environment and a long life. There are 9 people over 80 years old who died, among which suo Wenxiu is 104 years old, Pu Yi, the president of the early Republic of China, is named “Antarctic Shouchang”, and Li Su is 100 years old.There are 5 people over 80 years old, including 2 people over 90 years old.In addition to the natural factors, the longevity of these old people is mainly due to their own factors, that is, a good attitude, peace, kindness to others, benevolence, longevity.The third factor is good neighbourliness, harmony in the family, filial piety of the children, and the provision and enjoyment of old age.It is a tradition to return home during the Spring Festival and ask each other for family reunion.Pay New Year’s greetings to the elderly, care for the elderly, filial piety, respect and help the elderly are the virtues of the Chinese nation.In the past, just family, family, the scope is smaller.This year, the group worship will be extended to the whole village, showing the will of the people and collective warmth, which is a new trend in rural areas.This year’s group worship activity was initiated by ma Wentao, the leader of the village group, and the members and masses of the village group responded positively and participated enthusiastically.Although not kneeling down to worship the great ceremony, only bow salute, New Year greetings, send comfort goods to make the elderly feel the party’s care and collective warmth.The purpose of the group worship: first, guide young people, the younger generation inherit and carry forward the virtue of respecting the elderly filial piety, to create a respectful atmosphere.Second, make the elderly and elders feel the warmth of the collective family and the care of the Leading party group through the group worship.Third, strengthen the unity of villagers with the bond of group worship.Due to the special situation of epidemic prevention and control this year, it is not suitable to gather together, so we use the form of household New Year’s greetings.Also participating in the group worship: village party branch pack team cadres Zhang Simin, veteran party representatives Ma Wanzhou, veteran cadres on behalf of Ma Tiger, veteran veterans on behalf of Ma Gaizhang;Entrepreneur project boss love personage Zhang Huailiang, Huang Yumin.Each surname villagers also consciously join the New Year greeting activities.About the author: Ma Shengcai, born in 1948, is a member of the first group in Zali Village, a suburb of Luoning County. In 1969, he joined the Gunshan Artillery Unit in Qufu, Shandong Province, and served successively as a village cadre after his discharge from the army in 1974. In 2015, he published the book “One Hundred Years in Li”, a literary and historical material.