Compact with four-wheel drive joint venture SUV, 160 thousand sales can be true, real shot Outlander

2022-05-11 0 By

Compact SUVs have become very popular in the domestic car market in recent years.The main reason is the continued explosion of domestic cars in this sector, which really brings great value for money models to our ordinary consumers.As a matter of fact, not only Chinese cars have high cost performance in this field, but many old joint ventures have also greatly improved the cost performance of models in this field.For example, the models introduced to you today have become very cost-effective.Also, this car is a really good car, but it’s kind of buried because of the brand, etc. It’s the Outlander owned by Mitsubishi.Let’s take a look.The outlander has a guide price of 159,800 to 225,800 yuan.In appearance, the new outlander has become quite avant-garde, adopting mitsubishi’s latest family style.Large size stepped grid design with thin chrome banner and Mitsubishi brand logo, the visual effect is very atmospheric.In addition, the split LED headlights on both sides look very personalized and have a high recognition rate when lit.When it comes to the side of the body, the car is 4705/1810/1710mm long, wide and high, with a wheelbase of 2670mm and front and rear tires of 225/55 R18.In terms of the rear, the Outlander looks very simple. There are no complicated lines or many elements. Everything seems so simple and clear.The clever curve design of the rear brings a good visual effect.From the interior design, completely unlike what we know about Outlander models, the entire interior is extremely modern and fashionable.The center part has a nine-inch floating LCD screen and has buttons and knobs for control.It also has a 12.3-inch LCD dashboard and a four-panel multi-function steering wheel, which is especially handy.In terms of seats, the 7-seat seats of the 2021 2.4L Four-wheel drive Deluxe edition are wrapped in imitation leather material, providing reasonable comfort.And the front seats all support seat heating, electric adjustment function.The second row of the car space performance is relatively general, the third row seats can only be used in emergency, it can be foreseen that the car in the case of full ride comfort is not high.In addition, the car is equipped with air outlets, rear head air bags.In terms of power, the 2021 2.4L all-wheel-drive Premium 7-seater is equipped with a 2.4L four-cylinder naturally aspirated 4J12 engine with maximum power of 192 HP and peak torque of 235 N · m, paired with a CVT continuously variable transmission (analog 6 gear) with combined fuel consumption of 8.1L/100km.Comments: Outlander can carry enough luggage during travel, space utilization is very flexible.Generally speaking, the appearance of this car is relatively exquisite, and there are not many faults in configuration, interior and power, which can well adapt to the needs of daily life. If necessary, you can pay attention to it.