Attention!2022 Shaanxi High School entrance examination time announced

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Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education recently announced the time and subjects of the middle and high school Academic Proficiency test in early 2022. In the document “Notice of Shaanxi Provincial Office of Education on the Middle and high School Academic Proficiency Test in 2022”, the time and subjects of the middle and high school proficiency test in ninth grade and eighth grade this year are specified.Among them, the ninth grade academic level examination (examination) time: June 18, 19, 20, a total of 7 subjects 7 volumes.The eighth grade biology and geography exam is scheduled for the afternoon of June 20.Questions will increase the proportion of inquiry-based, open and comprehensive questions, and actively explore interdisciplinary questions.The exam subjects for grade 9 students are written test subjects: Chinese, Mathematics, English, physics, ethics and rule of law, chemistry, history, a total of 7 subjects and 7 volumes.Among them, ethics and rule of law are open – book written test, other subjects are closed – book.For the written test subject, the Language subject is one paper and for other subjects, two paper.The full score and test duration of each subject are 120 points for Chinese and 150 minutes for Chinese;Math 120, 120 minutes;120 points for English (30 points for listening) and 120 minutes for the test;Physics 80, 80 minutes;Ethics and the Rule of law 80 points, 80 minutes;Chemistry 60 points, 60 minutes;History 60 minutes, exam 60 minutes.Each test site uses “English listening CD” or “English listening U disk” to play the Content of the English listening test.On the day of English subject test, English listening test hints will be broadcast at 8:25 am, and listening test content will be broadcast from 8:30-8:50 am.The province requires that all examination rooms divided into districts, cities, counties (districts) must be tuned before the test using “English listening disc” or “English listening U disk” playback equipment, each test site schools within the specified time to do a good job of English listening test.The full score of physical education and health examination is 60 points, which is included in the total score of the Junior high School Academic Proficiency Examination.Physics and chemistry experiment operation value of 10 points, the test time of 15 minutes, the specific method of the test according to the relevant documents.The written test subjects for grade 8 are biology and geography.It is reported that the eighth grade students computer operation test and biology laboratory operation test completed in May.Grade 9 physics and Chemistry lab operations exams are completed in May.Physical Education and Health field exams for Grade 9 students were completed in May.My province requests, the study examination proposition should exert the examination evaluation to the primary and secondary school education and teaching reform, the standard running school, the promotion student’s overall development and the healthy growth scientific guidance function.Adhere to the national curriculum standards for all subjects (revised edition in 2011) as the basis of propositions, strict academic standards, improve the quality of propositions.Combined with the practical teaching junior high school education in our province, as a whole to grasp the nature of the test and positioning, change the relative curing proposition forms, the exploratory, the openness, improve comprehensive test scale, actively explore interdisciplinary proposition, by optimizing the formulation to guide students to reduce rote learning and “mechanical brush the topic” phenomenon, highlight the test students’ comprehensive quality.The untrading act is unremarkable