Zhengzhou Ferris can test ride, car discount 17,000 yuan

2022-05-10 0 By

Car price early know: Henan Dongcheng Tiandao store, Fryce limited time special discount, 02 04 -02 04 buy a car discount of 17,000 yuan, have the intention to buy a car friends might as well personally go to test drive, shop address:Zhengzhou Zhongzhou Avenue and Yingbin Road to the south 100 meters west promotion time from February 04, 2022 to February 04, 2022 Furensi latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Zhengzhou quotation 1.5L automatic gold edition 90,800 yuan 17,800 yuan 73,800 yuan 1.5LAutomatic platinum edition 97,800 RMB 17,700 RMB 80,800 RMB 1.5L Automatic Diamond edition 103,800 RMB 17,700 RMB 86,800 RMB 1.5L Automatic Glory edition 116,800 RMB 17,700 RMB 99,800 RMB