Volunteer teaching without regret step thousands of mountains and rivers to reflect the mountains and rivers of the motherland

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“Yingshanhong Volunteer Teaching” in Tonghua Normal University Supports the hope of rural children Tonghua Normal University is the only provincial normal university in southeast Jilin Province.School for more than 60 years, rooted in the north border land, insisted on the fundamental task of khalid ents, to serve the local basic education as own duty, steadfast to do education, elaborateness to cultivate talents, national strategy with zeal and action in active service and local development, as the foundation of changbai mountains has prepared a large number of outstanding teachers, education, social development is known as the “peach valley”.Since the launch of party history study and education, the school has taken the continuous implementation of “Yingshan Red Volunteer Education Plan” as an important part of the practical activities of “I do practical things for the masses”, and has earnestly grasped and done a good job.The background, case (a) the plight of the changbai mountains rural basic education In changbai mountain region, many remote rural primary and middle school educational condition is still very arduous, lack of teaching resources, and some schools up hardware conditions, but the shortage of teachers, teachers’ aging serious, difficult to adapt to the new requirements of the reform and development of basic education.There were 85 students in a primary school in 2015, but the number has decreased to 43 in 2018. There are 6 teachers on duty, including the principal, with an average age of 52, and the teaching quality cannot be guaranteed.(2) Problems in the training of local normal university students It is difficult for local normal university students to practice, students lack the opportunity to give lectures on stage, and normal university students are not willing to teach.At the same time, local normal colleges and universities lack effective connection with basic education, teachers’ education and teaching and academic research are divorced from the reality of basic education, and superior resources of both sides are not shared.(1) Establish the “1234” post supporting education system, and form a school with characteristics of teacher training. Pay close attention to the needs of local basic education and aim at rural basic education.Since 2008, the “Yingshanhong Volunteer Teaching Program” has been implemented.Yingshanhong is the first flower to bloom in Changbai Mountain area. In the chilly spring, the mountain is red, full of vitality and tenacious. The name of the volunteer education program means to bring hope to the children in the mountain.In the past 13 years, our school has focused on one goal, with the spirit of “reflecting mountain red” as the background color;Promote the two promotion, focus on training the practical ability and professional dedication of normal university students, and target the service orientation of teacher education to rural basic education;Establishing “tripartite coordination” among colleges, local education bureaus and primary and secondary schools;Field teaching, characteristic service, joint training, application study of “four one” school cooperation platform, from the normal education practice, teacher training, teaching research, base school development and the primary and secondary schools to carry out the depth cooperation, efforts to develop the ideal faith, moral sentiment, solid knowledge, love the heart of the “four haves” good teacher.(2) To establish the “three-in-one” supporting teaching mode and improve the ability of colleges and universities to serve basic education. The implementation of supporting teaching on post not only solves the problem of traditional education practice becoming a mere formality, but also alleviates the shortage of basic teachers in rural areas.However, with the expansion of the scale of volunteer teaching, it is exposed that the time conflict between students’ off-campus practice and on-campus teaching, and the needs of some subjects can not be met in the practice base.In view of these problems, the school constructed a “three-in-one” volunteer teaching practice mode of “full discipline, full time and full coverage”, that is, “all normal majors participate in the spring and autumn rolling practice, full coverage of southeast Jilin Province”.The teaching plan has been revised to extend the teaching practice time of students. The original teaching practice in autumn semester has been adjusted to two semesters in spring and autumn, and the teaching system has been implemented by shift.According to the principle of “post selection, volunteer teaching, and concentrated practice”, all normal university students practiced centralized practice, realizing the integration of post, volunteer teaching and practice.(1) In the past 13 years, the school has participated in the volunteer teaching of more than 8,000 students, and signed the agreement with the education bureau of 18 counties and urban areas in Jilin Province. There are 331 schools receiving aid. Every year, the basic education school in Changbai Mountain area receives more than 10,000 students, and the total number of students receiving aid reaches one million.Every year, he teaches more than 10,000 class hours for students in rural schools, holds 12 post volunteer teaching experience exchange meetings, organizes 6 pre-job training sessions with local education bureaus, and holds 4 post volunteer teaching achievement exhibitions.More than 300 computers, 10 televisions and more than 300 seats have been donated to rural schools.In order to solve the shortage of art teaching tools in rural schools, we donated nearly 100,000 yuan to establish a studio.The implementation of “Yingshan Red Volunteer Education Plan” has built a link and bridge between colleges and universities, college students and rural schools, boosted the balanced development of education and promoted the revitalization of rural education, which has been widely praised by local governments, education bureau and primary and secondary schools.(2) to establish a good ethics strengthen the teachers and students Through them, to temper the will of students’ quality, cultivate the spirit of arduous struggle, enhance the consciousness of the service society, established the teaching beliefs, and some students to be a teacher in rural continuously for one year, because some teaching in rural schools and children produce deep feelings, to go to the teachers and then back to the village schools.According to statistics, nearly 60% of the backbone of basic education in Changbai Mountain area are graduates of Tonghua Normal University.The growth of students is inseparable from the hard work of teachers. In the implementation of “Yingshan Red Volunteer Teaching Plan”, there is such a special group of “county teachers”, who not only regard this job as a teaching task, but also regard it as a career to serve the society and serve students.In September 2020, qi Tingyue, the resident teacher in Huinan County, drove to huinan County Hospital at 10 PM to visit a volunteer student who was dizzy and unconsciousness before going to bed in his dormitory.It was raining heavily that night, and it was already 1 a.m. when we arrived at huinan County Hospital.Seeing the student safe, he sat in his chair and let out a long sigh of relief.When someone asks, “Aren’t you afraid to drive in the middle of the night in the pouring rain?””All I cared about was the safety of my students,” he said. “I forgot to be afraid.”Simple words out of the teacher love such as son feelings.2021 “azalea” teaching teacher team hosted by jilin provincial party committee propaganda department of the communist party of China, jilin province department of education “jilin good man Best teachers and good Huang Danian type “title of honor, the committee wrote in the word:” a lamp to illuminate a section of the road, the future of the thousand lamp or warm ShanLiWa night, corner flower fragrance, critics, flower is beautiful expectations of the world.Thirteen years of winter and summer circulation, 8,000 teachers and students to participate in the noble passion, reflected red children’s smiling face, reflected red fields and countryside.”(3) Revitalize rural Culture and Education Development During the volunteer teaching period, our college students have left a deep impression on the villagers with their new spiritual outlook, scientific cultural knowledge, healthy lifestyle and the style of the new generation of college students.They experience rural life, understand farmers, guide farmers to advocate science, resist superstition, change customs, break bad habits, advocate “local style civilization”, and act as promoters of socialist spiritual civilization and advanced culture.In a planned and organized way, the students will conduct cultural exchanges and various artistic activities with the village committee of the school, such as celebrating harvest and sending off veterans.Ji ‘an Tai Town school is located in the remote, because of the establishment of rural children’s palace, the state invested in a number of music teaching instruments, but suffered from no music teachers.Since 2015, the dean of the Conservatory of Music, Sun Zuodong, has led the students to take a bus for nearly three hours every week to the Stage school to teach the rural children, teach Musical Instruments, rehearse songs and dances, and organize two artistic performances, which filled the remote rural town with laughter and promoted the construction of rural culture.Looking to the future, the school will further promote the “Yingshanhong Volunteer Education Program”, actively integrate into the national rural revitalization strategy, continue to make efforts to serve the basic education in Changbai Mountain, and integrate into the rural revitalization development strategy of Jilin Province.