Recommendations for the 10 best movies to see overseas in February

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March 2022 will see the release of a new romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez, the popular No Nonsense team, Joanna Hogg’s sequel to Memorabilia, and the latest film from the director of Amelie.Check out the 10 best movies to see in February.Wow, get ready to laugh, cringe, scream, and thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to take serious injuries to live your life.Twenty years after the first “Jackass” movie, and 12 years after the third (with a spinoff in between), Knoxville and his rabid masochistic PALS are back.This time they performed a series of elaborate pranks and seemingly painful stunts.The gang has been attacked by snakes, bees, spiders and more, and during the making of the film, the gray-haired Knoxville is hit by an angry bull, which puts him in the hospital.”I had a broken wrist, broken ribs, concussion and brain bleeding,” he said in an interview.It took months for my cognitive abilities to recover.I could walk, talk and have a conversation, but for three months I wasn’t 100 percent.That’s what you suffer for your art.”Released February 4.Cyrano this latest adaptation of Edmund Rothstein’s play is a sumptuous period musical written by Erica Schmidt and directed by Joe Wright (Darkest Hour, Atonement).But it’s most notable for starring Peter Dinklage as cyrano, a 17th century aristocratic soldier who is afraid to declare his love for a beautiful woman.The actor’s height of 1.35m, which is cyrano’s height in the film, made him feel inferior.Producer Jenny Kermode said Dinklage was suited to the “classic role, so much so that it might have been written for him” and went on to say that he was “far more intelligent as an individual than everyone else around him”.Jenny Kermode called the film “Cyrano’s original idea……A can ‘t-miss movie.”Released February 24.In Marry Me, Jennifer Lopez plays herself as Kat Valdez, a pop superstar, while Colombian singer and actress Maluma plays Bastian, a pop superstar much like herself.They plan to get married at a concert, but when Kat learns Bastian is cheating on her, it’s a big moment when she chooses divorced math teacher Charlie (Owen Wilson) and announces that she’s going to marry him.”It’s far-fetched,” says director Kate Carrow, “but……The coincidences that had to happen to bring two people together were considerable.Crazier things have happened.”Actually, no, they don’t.But if Lopez and Wilson want to revive big-budget Hollywood romantic comedies with an update of “Notting Hill,” fans should be happy to take it.Released February 11.Goya’s portrait of The Duke of Wellington was stolen from London’s National Gallery in 1961, but The thieves were not international crime lords.In fact, it was stolen by campton Bunton, an eccentric 60-year-old taxi driver and aspiring screenwriter, as a protest against the government’s neglect of Britain’s pensioners.This stranger-than-fiction story has turned into a lovely comedy starring Helen Mirren as Bunton’s wife.”The Duke” is very interesting in telling an incredible story, and it’s moving at a good pace.It was as sweet as the ginger slices the Buntons soaked in their tea, but never boring.For now, though, The Duke is bittersweet, as its director, Roger Mitchell (Notting Hill, Venus), died in September 2021.Released February 25.Sometimes you go to the cinema to see a nuanced exploration of the human condition.But sometimes you go to a blockbuster in which a NASA official (Halle Berry) and an out-of-favor astronaut (Patrick Wilson) hijack a space shuttle after discovering that the moon is actually a “giant infrastructure” built by evil aliens.Moonset is directed by Roland Emmerich, the director of mass destruction sci-fi such as Independence Day, Godzilla and The Day After Tomorrow.”On the one hand, it’s a disaster movie,” he says, “but it’s also a space movie;It’s about space exploration and doing crazy things like flying inside the moon.On the other hand, back on Earth, their children are in serious trouble.It’s the best of both worlds.”Released February 4.Joanna Hogg’s Souvenir is a coming-of-age drama about an innocent film student named Julie, who becomes tragically involved with a charming, mysterious older man in 1980s London, but that’s only half The story.In the sequel, Jolie is working on a student film about her ex-boyfriend, so Souvenir II is in some ways a continuation of Souvenir.Based on Hogg’s own experiences and starring Swindon Bourne’s biological mother Tilda Swinton, this intricate plot of fact and fiction was named Audio-Visual magazine’s best film of 2021, just as Souvenir was its best film of 2019.Most of Souvenir II is happy.It’s about seeing once-passive, tentative young women plunge headlong into creative projects, friendships and romantic dates, while trying to make sense of the troubled man who idolized her.Released February 4.After years of delay, Kenneth Branagh returns for the second adventure of Detective Hercule Poirot.Just like 2017’s Murder on the Orient Express, it’s a star-studded affair, with Gal Gadot, Annette Bening, Letisia Wright, Amie Hammer, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders among the suspects and victims on a paddle boat in Egypt.But Branagh promises death on the Nile will be more interesting than Agatha Christie’s original detective novels.”For me, it’s noir classics, Dial M For Murder, Double Indemnity and later movies, Body Heat, even Fatal Attraction,” he says. “These hot, ambiguous atmos.Branagh, digitally aged, will also appear in world War I flashbacks as 22-year-old Poirot.Not only do we get to see what forged Poirot in a rough world one might not expect, but we also get to see what’s on his mind.Released February 11.This is a sweet, sad, and ridiculously funny character study that addresses what it feels like to be on The brink of true adulthood and yet completely contradictory.The film’s heroine is Julie (Lennart Reinsf, a best actress winner at Cannes), a 20-something living in Oslo.In Joachim Trier’s poignant and creative comedy, she flits between different boyfriends and different career paths as she tries to figure out her feelings about love, sex, family, work and politics.From a testy mushroom ride to an awe-inspiring romance with hints of magical realism, it’s as chaotic and unpredictable as love itself.Released February 4.In 1998, Clarence Simmons met A 21-year-old rapper in Chicago.Simmons was attracted by his talent and confidence and determined to make a documentary about him.Of course, he had no idea that the young musician would soon become one of the biggest stars in the world, and his new friend Kanye West (since renamed Ye) had little doubt that this would happen.Nearly a quarter of a century later, the three-part documentary Chronicles Kanye’s amazing career, but it’s mostly candid footage of him in his early 20s, before the Grammys, the Kardashians and the presidential campaign.The documentary wants you to be awed by his clamor, inspired by how he forced the world to see him as he sees himself, and to recognize that Kanye’s polarizing complexity is what makes him such a valuable artist, and that the almost five-hour film flies like an hour.Will be released weekly on Netflix in three 90-minute installments, the first of which will be released on February 16.Amelie is one of the most internationally successful French films of all time, but that hasn’t helped its director, Jean-Pierre Junet, get his new film off the ground.Junet says on his website: “I have been moving this script around In France for four years now and it has been rejected by everyone (just like Cooked food and La La)……Because, obviously, a French comedy with robots doesn’t fit in a nice, neat box.”Luckily for us, Netflix stepped in.Junet’s first film in nearly a decade, The Big Bug, is an offbeat sci-fi satire set in 2045, when artificial intelligence robots rebel against humans and four servant robots lock their masters in a suburban home.”Big Bug won’t be released in theaters, and that’s not a problem,” Junai promises, “because……It’s perfect for small screens and TVS.”It’s available on Netflix February 11.