Gu says she sleeps 10 hours a day?

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In an interview, Gu said she sleeps 10 hours a day.Well, it’s back to the old story: the sleep of top sports stars.Steph Curry and Tom Brady both get a solid nine hours of sleep.Cristiano Ronaldo slept seven and a half hours a night when he was at Juventus, but the Da Vinci method of sleeping for 90 minutes in five separate sessions – a technique that most people can’t imitate.Two evergreens exist: lebron sleeps 12 hours a day — 8 to 9 hours sleep and 3 hours naps.Roger Federer sleeps 12 hours a day — 10 hours sleep, two hours naps.Bryant said in 2006 that he only needed three or four hours of sleep.But in 2007, trainer Tim Graver asked him to be nicer to himself.Bryant then worked out less, rested more, protected his knee and, as we all know, won back-to-back championships in 2009 and 2010.In 2014, he said he probably slept six to eight hours a day.The night before Chamberlain scored 100 points in 1962, he stayed up all night.But in the 1970s, he slept until noon, often skipping the lakers’ morning shootaround — coach Bill Sharman joked that he would wake chamberlain up at his hotel after taking them to shoot.Even supernatural monsters with boundless energy need to sleep.Many famous people brag about how little sleep they get, but rarely mention napping.For example, Fluffy said he did not sleep at night, but often took naps, nothing is just a nap.For example, Mountbatten boasted that when he was a teenager, he worked 88 hours straight — of course, those 88 hours were actually at various parties, not at his desk.That’s true, and it won’t last.Balzac famously worked 12 hours a day — but he Slept from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., according to When Genius Slept in the New York Times that year.Seven hours of sleep.Milton, 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.Seven hours.Franklin, 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.Seven hours.There was a time when Kafka only slept two hours in the morning, but he would sleep four hours in the afternoon, plus a nap or something, which was still six or seven hours.The great philosopher Immanuel Kant’s schedule was famously fixed: get up at five.Drink tea, smoke cigarettes, prepare lessons.Classes are from seven to nine.From 9:00 to 12:30, writing his famous three criticisms.1pm to 4pm lunch, meeting guests.He famously went out for a walk between four and five, and his neighbors in town watched him calibrate their clocks as he went out.From five to ten, read.Go to bed at ten.I still get seven hours of sleep.It’s true that some people need very little sleep (like Kobe Bryant), but others need a lot.So: Very few, if any, sleep well.Most healthy people need seven hours of sleep, at least.And, in general, the greater the mental and physical burden, the longer the need to sleep.For example, if you have a lazy day and don’t read anything, it’s ok to sleep less.If you’re on the run all day, taking in tons of information, and not sleeping, you’re killing yourself.As for the perennial lack of sleep can still be lively, there must be: but few.And some of the myths about never sleeping are exaggerated.I wrote earlier: Legend has it that Napoleon could never sleep.You know, the night before a battle you sleep from midnight to 2:00, you get up, you dictate all your tactics, and then you sleep from 5:00 to 7:00, and you go to war.But his secretary, Louis de Brigne, said that Napoleon slept from twelve to seven, except at the most critical moment of the war.Sometimes, at seven o ‘clock, When Brigny went to his bedroom to wake him, Napoleon would say: “O Brigny!Let me lie down a little longer!So he turned over and went back to sleep.Brigny went out and waited until eight o ‘clock to wake Napoleon.Even napoleon, with his boundless energy, had to sleep seven hours a day, and not often had to take a nap, or something like that — and, as we have seen, when men boast of their lack of sleep, they seldom mention dozing.You can play well and for a long time with good rest – young players like Gu Eiling and veteran players like lebron and Federer are good examples.Conversely, those who advocate cattle people should sleep less and fight more, do not rest, many of them are big nonsense…In addition to being bad for things like your physical strength and brain, poor sleep can have frightening effects on your lifestyle.Four years ago, a study by King’s College London found that the longer people sleep, the healthier they tend to eat.In turn, the less sleep you get, the more you crave sugary foods, and the less self-control you have.In daily life, it is estimated that there are experiences: sleep the day before, wake up hungry and full, always want to eat some solid food;If you didn’t get enough sleep the day before, you’re vulnerable to sugary foods.Stress → poor sleep → anxiety → vicious cycle → need to eat sugar for comfort → gain weight.Many of you have this experience, right?When it comes to losing self-control due to lack of sleep…I’ve written before about how many people don’t sleep because they haven’t had enough fun — “There’s so little time for me in the day that it doesn’t hurt to be me and have fun.”It’s normal and necessary for your mental health.But stay up late, obviously mind thinking sleepy, also do not play what fun, still refuse to sleep however, numbly brush mobile phone repeatedly, it is because the person is sleepy after, feeling force and self-control force drop however: obviously feel less than happy, out of inertia, still continue to stay up late — this is not quite good.In an English column I once read, several people drank at night. They were happy at first, but when they got drunk and wanted to drink again, an experienced elder brother in the middle said, “After this, we can’t drink any more fun.The best part of the night was over.So let the night go while you’re still happy.With that in mind, go back to sleep and wait for another day.I think it’s also a good way to talk about staying up late.As soon as you start to realize that you’re numbing and brushing but not really doing anything, put it down and fall asleep.So don’t be fooled by the notion that disciplined people don’t sleep and work hard.Those who preach that wish you could sleep less, get dizzy, and keep on being fooled by them.True self-discipline is the ability to let go and fall asleep in this year of constant temptation and anxiety.