Elite students fall in love with the system?Seventy percent of Qing Hua graduates enter public institutions, how to deal with general school students

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Top universities like Tsinghua are seen as “leading the way” because of their superior strength.It is generally accepted that students graduating from Tsinghua will go abroad for further study, or join the world’s leading enterprises, as well as important public offices.However, after tsinghua University released a report on the employment quality of graduates in 21 years, many of them feel a little confused and confused about where they will go after graduation.Elite students fall in love with the system?For a long time, Tsinghua has been criticized for its high number of overseas students, resulting in a brain drain.But in the 2021 jobs report, the actual numbers tell the exact opposite story.Of the class’s 7,441 graduates, many chose to stay in China, although many chose to pursue further studies.Of the 2,637 students who decided to further their studies, only 517 went abroad.And it’s not just the rate of going abroad that is lower than in previous years. Today’s Tsinghua students also have a different preference for employment.The proportion of students choosing to work in the private sector fell, with 70% of the 3,669 graduates who signed tripartite employment contracts choosing to work in the “system”.Compared to the past, this figure is truly astonishing.So what’s wrong with students from prestigious universities like Tsinghua? Why are they all in the system?Are elite students conservative?The reason why the cluster system is affected by social conditions is not that students’ choices have become conservative, but that it has become difficult for private enterprises to operate and develop in the context of the epidemic in the past two years.Even many large Internet factories and large enterprises, are facing the need to reduce staff and profit reduction, the work is too unstable.Therefore, in this case, students from elite universities will not choose private companies as their first choice unless they have a very good salary and idea.In addition to the well-known national and provincial civil service examinations, there is also a corresponding “selective transfer” for prestigious universities such as Tsinghua.Relevant departments will select some high-quality universities’ students through closed and limited selection, and select some students as reserve cadres for training.Therefore, as private enterprises become less attractive, many students also choose to join the civil service.Of the 70 percent of Tsinghua students who entered the system, a significant number did so.”70% of students enter the system” is true, but not all of them are civil servants.On the contrary, there is a great variety of jobs in the system.In addition to all kinds of institutions of higher learning and hospitals, research institutes and state-owned enterprises also work in the system with public attributes.Therefore, graduates from prestigious universities like Tsinghua do not go directly to “become officials”.Many of them are working hard for scientific research and educational progress.But in this case, many ordinary college students have their own concerns.If students from elite universities do not go abroad, and do not go to large private enterprises, then their chances of entering higher education and taking the entrance exam will be affected to a certain extent.Schools have to join the entrance competition for jobs, education and employment change in today’s school graduates itself is very difficult circumstances, at the students will have the idea is not surprising, after all, from the strength point of view, and tsinghua university students it is difficult to have comparability, the same situation, colleges and enterprises and units must choose tsinghua students.But in fact, the students should not be too anxious, after all, even the elite students join the competition, but in a large base, the impact is limited.Moreover, nowadays, it is difficult to develop graduates. With the increase in the total number of graduates each year, students from elite universities are nothing. They are also very competitive with themselves, which makes it difficult for everyone.So instead of worrying about elite students entering the competition, find ways to improve yourself.Study hard to improve education, work hard to improve ability, are more realistic significance.In addition, choosing to be self-employed is another way to avoid some competition in the workplace.But the pressure is also great, and students need to be prepared.In a number of cities, students can actually choose to go to Zhejiang Province to start their own businesses.As the province issued new regulations in 2011, graduates who start businesses in the fields of homemaking, elderly care and modern agriculture will receive a start-up subsidy of 100,000 yuan.And if the venture fails, the government will compensate for the amount of less than 100,000 yuan.The author’s message: for college students, the higher the degree is, the better it will be, and they will enjoy advantages in many aspects.But not everyone can get into Tsinghua, which only admits about 3,000 students a year.So students fall in the circumstance that result allows, also can choose 211 colleges and universities, perhaps the school that has characteristic major enters oneself for an examination, let oneself have outstanding feeling to go hard.Secondly, hard work is always one of the hard conditions after success regardless of degree.During college, graduates can participate in various activities and internships to gain experience for themselves, so that they can have the possibility to excel others.: Do you think the elite universities will return to the private sector in the future?