Running out of phone capacity?5 tips for iPhone Slimming

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After using the iPhone for a period of time, is it easy to suffer from insufficient capacity?How on earth can we solve this problem?Here are 5 easy ways to clean up your iPhone’s capacity without spending a lot of money.Q. How do I check the iPhone storage space?First, you need to know how to check your iPhone’s storage space.Just turn on Settings, tap General, and then tap iPhone Storage to see how much space you have left.Delete Safari browsing History iPhone users use Safari to browse the web, but their browsing history is stored temporarily on the phone, which can take up a lot of memory over time. Check how much Safari is taking up on the phone.I’m sure it’ll be hundreds of megabytes or Gigabytes.Operation mode: Open “Settings” → “General” → “iPhone storage space” → “Safari” → “Website information”, then click on the bottom “Remove all website information” → “Remove now”, you can temporarily remove all website information once, free the iPhone storage space.Most unused mobile phones will download apps, but in fact, apps are also one of the reasons for running out of mobile phone capacity. If you find that some apps are rarely used, but you do not want to delete them, for fear that you will still have a chance to use them later, it is highly recommended that you can use the “uninstall App” function.Operation mode: click “Settings” → “General” → “iPhone storage space” → “Select App” → “Uninstall App”. After the uninstall, the phone will release the original use space of the App, but still retain files and data. As long as you reinstall the App, you can restore all data, very convenient.3. Temporary storage Space In addition to uninstalling unused apps, common “community software”, such as LINE, FB and other news agency group software, may occupy too much “files and data”, resulting in insufficient storage space of the phone.For example, The original capacity of LINE is only 244.8 MB, but files and data alone take up 4.28 GB.How to operate: By clicking LINE Home page → Settings → Chat → Delete data → Select cache data → Delete selected data, you can quickly clean up the LINE cache data and release the phone space.4. Shorten the message retention time although now with mobile phone SMS opportunities are low, but the situation of receiving SMS is also many, usually received SMS open often forget to delete, messages will be retained in the mobile phone, SMS accumulated over a long period of time, occupy the storage space can not be ignored.Operation: just click “Settings” → “messages” → “Reserved messages”, modify the message retention time, let iOS automatically delete, no longer let ads or spam occupying the phone memory, painless cleaning up the phone space.In addition to making phone calls, seeing beautiful scenery and delicious food, picking up the phone to take pictures and videos, has been the reflex action of mobile phone people, but pay attention!”Movie specification” is also one of the culprits that occupy the capacity of mobile phones. If you do not pursue SHOOTING 4K ultra HD movies at ordinary times, you can actually set finer movie specifications to save storage space.How to operate: click “Settings” → “Camera” → “Record” to see all movie specifications at a glance. If users only want to record movies on their mobile phones, it is recommended to set the movie specifications to “1080p 30 FPS” or “1080p 60 FPS”. The picture is not only clear, but also can save about 60% of the capacity.The above 5 iPhone painless weight loss, no money can clean up the capacity of the phone, you might as well take advantage of the New Year to help phone capacity off, to meet the New Year!Want to know more about how it works?Wonderful content on the top of the film!