Respect the achievements of sanitation workers

2022-05-09 0 By

According to the news media in my city, more than 17,000 sanitation workers are on duty in my city this Spring Festival.When people are celebrating the Spring Festival, it is the busiest and hardest time for sanitation workers to walk through the streets.The head of the city administration department called on people to take practical action to care for the sanitation workers, even if it is only one less cigarette butt.Speaking of sanitation workers, we can most associate with the word is: hard.Indeed, the sanitation workers winter war cold, summer war heat, early and late home, selfless work.With the dedication of “one would rather be dirty than clean”, they have kept the city clean and beautiful.However, what the majority of sanitation workers care about most and look forward to most is respect and understanding!In real life, the phenomenon of not respecting and understanding sanitation workers is not unique.Some public health awareness of the lack of public places, such as some people in their own home bright and clean, spotless, but out of their own door, they have no scruples about throwing litter “spitting freely”.Some people are in the home, for the health of oneself family, neat of small family, do not smoke, but follow one’s inclinations outside “puff a cloud” throw cigarette butts carelessly.For a city to have temperament, first of all, its citizens must have quality.People should consciously establish public health awareness, develop civilized health habits.Protect the environment, beautify the city, start from their own, never throw throw throw throw throw these little things start.In this way, the city can not only reduce garbage, but also reduce the workload of sanitation workers.The city is my home, cleanliness depends on everyone.People are familiar with this slogan, if everyone put it into their daily life, the living environment will undoubtedly be more harmonious and comfortable.