Protecting the thousand-year-old city and inheriting the historical context

2022-05-09 0 By

The ancient city of Pingyao has a history of more than 2,800 years, one of the “four best-preserved ancient cities” in China. The whole ancient city successfully declared the world cultural Heritage on January 27, Xi Jinping, general Secretary of the General Secretary came here to inspectInheriting the historical context of carrying the historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation gene and blood pingyao ancient city streets, paving, ShiLou retains its shape in the Ming and qing dynasties ancient city wall of 6163 meters, the existing ancient streets article 200 of the Ming and qing dynasties traditional dwellings, 3797 more than 180 shops along the street more than 10000 residents are still living in the ancient city of inner protection in the development and use in the past two years, in the inheritancePingyao Ancient City has invested a total of 26.5 million yuan in the daily maintenance and repair of immovable cultural relics and traditional dwellings in the ancient city