Electric LX570?Concept images of Lexus’ new electric SUV have been revealed and could sell for more than $1 million

2022-05-09 0 By

Lexus is clearly in a hurry to go electric, with concept art for a new electric SUV following the RZ450e’s debut.And in terms of body shape and size, lexus’s new electric SUV should be positioned higher than the RZ450e.The front of the new Lexus electric SUV features split daytime running lights and a spindle-shaped front that makes it instantly recognizable as a Lexus all-electric model.The front fender’s front end looks a bit like NIO’s ES6/ES8, with a slightly square wheel arch giving off a hint of wilderness.On the side, the new Lexus electric SUV looks pretty uncluttered, and the concept car has hidden door handles, a design that is expected to remain in production cars.Thick chrome trim extends from pillar A along the roof to the d-pillar area, adding side integrity.From the side lines alone, I think this new Lexus electric SUV and xiaopeng G9 some look like, do not know what you think?When it comes to the rear, lexus’ new electric SUV has through-the-line taillights that give it a sense of power.My guess is that the car will most likely be more than 5 meters long and will most likely be Lexus’ flagship electric SUV, the “electric version” of the Lexus LX, in which case it will cost at least $1 million or more.What do you think of the styling of this concept car?Feel free to leave a comment below.