Actor Li Xian recommends the film, which has 8.7 points on Douban, to watch on Feb 22

2022-05-09 0 By

On February 20, the 8.7-point romantic film Love like a Bouquet of Flowers opened for presale on Douban, and will be released on February 22, 2022, the “sweetest day”.It is worth mentioning that the opening day falls on Tuesday, the 22nd day of the first lunar month, so many fans have booked the 22:22 screening in advance, making 13 “2” appear on the ticket stub, which means “love for life”.”The beginning is the beginning of the end;My goal in life is to maintain the status quo with you;Compared with the loneliness of one person, the loneliness of two people is more difficult to bear.The lines are poignant, the pictures are beautiful, and the story reminds me of Lalaland, sharing my life with the people I love: reading the same author’s book, the same shoes, the bakery on my doorstep, my favorite comic book stuck in the seventh book zelda hasn’t touched in a long time.Favorite movie of the year so far…”Li is now recommended as once topped Japan movie people attendance champion for six weeks, was named to the 95th annual top 10 Japanese film movie ten-day reports, IMDB7.2 points, watercress 8.7 points, named douban 2021 annual Japanese film romance, double the top word of mouth, love movie “the flowers of love” fixed gear announcement just released, on hot search list,Attracted the attention of the whole network, and in maoyan, Taopiaotiao ticket and other ticket platforms, the number of people who want to see the first performance.”Finally, I’ve been waiting for the romantic movie of the year,” many netizens said.The film tells the story of mountain sound wheat (Kan Tian will hui act the role ofing) and eight valley silk (have village frame pure act the role ofing) this pair of love at first sight “100% lily pats” lover, experienced to be full of innumerable sweet and touched five years love story.Many netizens have paid attention to this excellent love story early on. In the film, the sweet love and little details of the leading men and women in daily life, like flowers waiting to be put in spring, moisten things silently and infect the hearts of the audience.The golden line in the movie is even more empathic, “My goal in life is to maintain the status quo with you.” The fresh and touching line reveals the incredibly sweet feeling of love.What is expected is that the film’s main actor is “too sweet” : Director Hirota Tsui, praised by netizens as “able to appropriately capture the sense of love”, and hiroji Sakamoto, the writer of the classic love drama Tokyo Love Story, will work together for the first time on the big screen.Loved by the audience “lovers CP” Suga will be hui and village frame pure actors and actresses performed high sweet love.In addition, Oda cut let, Asai well shou, Kaoru Kobayashi, Clear the original fruit ye surprise also for the film.Interestingly, 13 2’s will appear on the ticket during the 22:22 screening night, which means “love for life” and triggers panic buying.It is reported that the film will open special screening sessions with a sense of ceremony in many places across the country.February 22, 2022 “the most loving” day, watching movies with the one you love the most, enjoying the sweetness of love like a bouquet of flowers.