15-degree power reserve, wide-open tailbed, New Generation C Trailer

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As a popular saloon car chassis, Ford new generation all-smooth chassis because of fine workmanship, stability by car friends, manufacturers love.Today, xiaobian for you to introduce a new generation of Ford fully compliant chassis, jingyi saloon car launched by the new upgraded Ford new generation C type saloon car.This saloon-car adopts the l-shaped booth with higher space utilization rate and can be widened tail bed design, which meets the comfortable living experience of C-type saloon-car. At the same time, the water and electricity configuration of the vehicle is also very powerful, especially the 48V electric power system, which stores nearly 15 degrees of electricity, so there is no need to worry about the power consumption for outdoor travel.The appearance of The New-generation C type Touring car of Jingriford adopts classic white painting, with red drawing on both sides to highlight the simple and fashionable temperament;Streamline large forehead design, can effectively reduce low wind resistance, and then reduce fuel consumption;The outer dimension of the body is 5995x2280x2930mm, the height of the body is less than 3 meters, with excellent performance, nuclear load of 4-6 people, meeting the driving requirements of blue CARD C license.The vehicle is built based on ford new-generation all-smooth chassis, powered by Ford 2.2t high pressure common rail diesel engine, with a maximum torque of 350N·m and a maximum speed of 145km/h.Transmission system matching 6AMT gearbox, high transmission efficiency, driving easier;The driving mode is rear drive and rear double wheel, driving more stable.The outside of the body is equipped with complete living facilities, including imported outdoor awning, rv special middle door (with screen door), external pulling stove, black water tank, mains interface, water injection port, etc., to meet the needs of outdoor life;The tail is equipped with oversized luggage compartment, which is convenient for storing bulky travel items.The rear of the car is equipped with an air conditioner, which is more convenient to discharge the air inside the car and speed up the air renewal.The main passenger seat is equipped with a covered seat, soft texture, comfortable ride;The central console is equipped with a large on-board screen, which is more convenient for daily driving navigation and reversing.Driving is equipped with intelligent one-button start, electronic central control large screen reversing image, reversing radar, electronic power, constant speed and so on.The rear living area adopts the layout of “forehead bed + L-shaped booth + longitudinal bed”, which can meet the needs of a family of four for outdoor travel and rest.The living area and the cab are interconnected to facilitate access to the rear space;Calm atmosphere of simple style interior, with the top of the warm light atmosphere lamp, bring a comfortable home feeling.The forehead rest area is located above the cab, with a 1900x1300mm large double bed, ample rest space;Bed side reading lamp, power socket, privacy curtain is fully equipped to meet the diverse needs of charging, lighting and rest sleep.A 32 inch LCD network TV is embedded under the bed to enrich the entertainment of outdoor travel.The climbing ladder of the forehead bed is arranged behind the passenger seat, which is more convenient for daily use.On the side is a 168L refrigerator, which is shared with the kitchen area to solve the problem of storing food for outdoor travel.The reception area is equipped with L-shaped sofa booth, and the general sitting booth compared to higher space utilization, rest space is also richer;The middle of the booth can be set up a table to meet the daily office, dining needs, but also can be put together with the booth into a single bed, as a temporary rest area;The side set extra-large size window, lighting and ventilation effect is excellent.The kitchen area is equipped with integral cabinets, with a washing basin (with cover), faucets, induction cooker and other cooking facilities;The left side of the ambry is set to expand the cutting board, which can be opened when cooking to increase the use area of the operating table and more convenient for processing food materials.The lower part is equipped with power sockets and oil-fired heating system to facilitate daily heating and use of electrical products;Of stratified design store content drawer, suit to receive kitchen fragmentary goods more.A microwave on the top heats food quickly;Microwave oven left sets store content condole ark, also can deposit a few kitchen things.On the right side of the cabinet, there is a large double door closet, which is enough to store daily clothes and things.The rear rest area is equipped with a large longitudinal bed with a size of 1900x1200mm, which can also be widened by 200mm to increase the sleeping space and meet the needs of many people.Side power socket, reading lamp, bed curtain and other complete configuration, to meet the rest of the charging, lighting needs.In terms of lighting and ventilation, a large size extrapolation window and a small size extrapolation window are set up for better ventilation effect;The top is equipped with a single row storage cupboard to increase the storage space in the car;A 1.5P household frequency conversion air conditioner is equipped above the small push window, which can be quickly cooled and heated, and has excellent silent effect, and will not affect the daily rest when used.A washing machine is embedded under the tail bed, which is convenient for outdoor travel.Dry and wet integrated bathroom area is equipped with Setford toilet, wash basin, makeup mirror, shelf, towel rack, pull-out shower, etc., to meet the needs of bathroom and washing;The top is equipped with a two-way exhaust fan to ensure ventilation of the internal space.The top is equipped with a storage cupboard for receiving toiletries and bath articles.The vehicle waterway system is equipped with 210L net water tank and 60L grey water tank;The circuit system is equipped with 48V lithium electric system, including 48V 300AH lithium iron phosphate battery, 3000W inverter, etc., to meet the needs of water and electricity for outdoor travel;The car is equipped with water and electricity control panel, including lighting, electricity, water, gray water tank display, etc.Compared with the general C-type saloon car, the new generation C-type Saloon car of The Field Ford is more efficient in spatial layout and has higher practicability. Meanwhile, the 210L clean water tank and the configuration of 48V circuit system solve the water and electricity problem of long-distance travel, and the outdoor travel experience is better.Price aspect, the official guide price of this saloon car is 38.8W, like this saloon car friends welcome to leave a message in the comment area below!# saloon car ## saloon car travel ## New car information #* Disclaima: The pictures/parameters in this article are from the official of Jingyi Saloon car;The price and parameters are for reference only, not as the actual purchase basis, please refer to the official.2022 RV SHOW The 16th Shanghai International RV SHOW (Shanghai International RV camping Expo, Shanghai International Campsite Education Industry Expo, Shanghai International Car Modification and RV Accessories Exhibition, Shanghai Self-driving Travel and Outdoor Leisure Products Exhibition)May 19-22, 2022 Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)