Winter to send warm, caring show true feelings

2022-05-08 0 By

Affected by the strongest cold and rainy weather since the beginning of winter, there was freezing or freezing rain in the alpine mountains and some parts of northern Guangdong, showing the phenomenon of long duration of low temperature and rainy weather.Under the superposition of the cold wind and rain, the body feels very cold, the homeless are more shivering at the bottom of the bridge, culvert, public toilet inside, curl up, understand this situation, Shaoguan civil affairs bureau, public security Bureau, Shaoguan city rescue and management station jointly carried out the activity of patrolling the streets to send warmth.On February 20th, snail charitable love 44 team received locate their teammates broke, said there was a male, shivering, in street clothes and shoes are wet and need assistance, received after the fact, volunteers immediately rushed to the scene with cotton and shoes, volunteers for his next wet clothes while put on cotton for him, when in shoes,Found his socks are wet, and a pair of white feet, very love dearly, volunteers go to bought him a pair of socks wear MAO, and put on the new cotton shoes, chat that guy is shaoguan south hills, male oil out to earn money, but didn’t find the right job, out of one hundred dollars have already finished, have to sleep on the public toilet for two days,Today, I was really hungry, so I went out to see if I could find something to eat. The restaurant owner opposite xinjin Gas station offered him tonic stew cup and delicious fast food for free and helped him contact volunteers.The volunteers immediately reported to the leadership of shaoguan City rescue management station, in the rescue station and the help of the volunteers, the south male boy Ye Kang soon took the train home, the young man was very grateful, he said his parents divorced, he had not seen his mother for more than ten years, today felt the warmth of the mother.