What is the score of cet-4 and CET-6

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English four, six level test score is how many: English four and six level test, different topics score will have certain difference.For example, in cet-4, writing accounts for 15%, listening comprehension 35%, reading comprehension 35%, and translation 15%.There will be 57 questions and the exam will take 125 minutes.Specific questions are given the same points as those for level 4, but the exam lasts 130 minutes.The written test will be held in June and December each year, while the oral test will be held in May and November. If you want to register for the oral test, you should first register for the corresponding level of the written test. There are no specific requirements such as grades.Candidates are required to enter the examination room according to the specified time when they take the exam. Entry will be prohibited if the time exceeds 15 minutes.And you are not allowed to bring communication devices or electronic devices into the exam.Strictly abide by the examination discipline and cooperate with the supervision of the staff, complete the specific content of the examination independently.Click the mini program button to quickly query the qualifications and registration conditions of various industries for free
In addition, there will also be non-English subjects, including Japanese, Russian, German and French, and so on. These types of exams will be held once every June, but at present only written exams, not oral exams.The Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education will entrust the examination committee to issue a transcript to a student if he or she achieves the required score. However, the higher the score is, the more welcome it is.