Tianjin Hydrogen Energy Industry Demonstration Zone hydrogen vehicles put into use in Tianjin Port

2022-05-08 0 By

On January 30, Tianjin Hydrogen Industry Demonstration Zone successfully delivered 30 sets of hydrogen collection trucks and 6 sets of hydrogen forklifts to Tianjin Port Group, marking the acceleration of hydrogen industry development in Tianjin Port Bonded Zone.Since then, all ports of Tianjin Port Group will officially start to use new energy vehicles for operation, to provide green guarantee for the smooth holding of the Winter Olympics.This batch of hydrogen vehicles integrates the reactor of Hydrogen Puchuang Neng, the new hydrogen powered fuel cell system, and the hydrogen supply system of CIMC Anrick, etc. The core parts of the vehicles are all produced in tianjin Hydrogen Industry Demonstration Zone located in the bonded zone.It is understood that the delivered 30 hydrogen trucks are equipped with a fuel cell engine of 120kW and 8x165L hydrogen bottle configuration combination, with a range of 450 kilometers. The rated load of hydrogen forklift is 3.2 tons. The sustainable hydrogenation operation can last 4-6 hours at a time, and all vehicle emissions will not produce any pollutants except water.As a zero-carbon energy source, hydrogen energy is an ideal solution to achieve the dual carbon goal. Hydrogen energy industry is an important starting point for tianjin Port Bonded Area to implement the introduction of new driving forces and support high-quality development.Tianjin lingang investment holding co., LTD., carry out national policies, a subsidiary of tianjin lingang ocean group as Marine economy and emerging industries, investment and operating platform, take the initiative to blend in the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei major national strategy, service quality development in tianjin, around the hydrogen, solar and wind power industries such as precision can assign, actively guide training a batch of industrial chain upstream and downstream of the core enterprise,After two years, tianjin Hydrogen Industry Demonstration Zone has been carefully built, making positive contributions to the green and sustainable development of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone.The official application of hydrogen energy vehicles in the port also marks that Lingang Holding Company is expanding the application scenarios of hydrogen energy, promoting the commercialization of hydrogen energy vehicles, and making a further step towards the goal of building a demonstration highland of hydrogen energy industry.In the future, Lingang Holding Company will continue to consolidate the first-mover advantage of the hydrogen industry, continuously inject new momentum into the development of tianjin hydrogen industry, and contribute to the development and growth of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei hydrogen industry demonstration city cluster.Source: Jinbin.com