No holiday for Chinese New Year?Guangdong talented inside to leave the team in advance + one-on-one special training, he wants to surprise!

2022-05-08 0 By

Xu Xin must be a big surprise in the second stage, because for the whole second stage, Xu Xin is the most talented player in this group.But in the end, Xu Xin did not appear in the game.This is partly because Xu Xin is injured, and partly because Xu Xin has left the team and has gone to winter training to improve his disadvantage.Based on the photos that surfaced during this time, it’s clear that he’s increasing his antagonism.After all, xu Xin’s confrontation is no good now.Moreover, the training equipment in the competition area cannot give enough training to the new recruits. If Xu Xin goes back to Dongguan and trains with the three teams, it will be a great news for xu Xin.More importantly, the coach of the three teams is Chen Dao, who is very good at basic skills, confrontation and training inside lines, which will certainly be of substantial help to Xu Xin.Don’t forget, in a match against Guangzhou, xu Xin at that time because of the confrontation is not good, and finally caused his two rebound shots did not enter.If the confrontation is better, Xu Xin’s scoring ability under the basket will be more outstanding.Even during this period of time, Xu Xin has been carrying out some one-on-one training, and the whole process xu Xin was very focused.As long as Xu Xin focuses on this month’s training, I believe the third stage will definitely have a significant improvement.However, xu Xin still kept special training during the Spring Festival holiday, which also proved that Xu Xin hoped to improve herself and then hit the jackpot in the next stage.Anyway, for the second stage, Xu Xin is not bad in all aspects.Especially with his talent, he blocks shots all the time.And Xu Xin’s speed is very fast, can also get the rebound quickly pass to the guard, he is really comprehensive on the court.