Liupanshui city maternal and child health care hospital 200 party members with action to write touching moments

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At 10:00 on March 31, liupanshui City maternal and child health care hospital gate, some party members volunteer to do a good job to the patient’s family members each patient can only have a companion to explain the work;Some party members volunteers in the nucleic acid collection site to maintain order, to remind the public to keep a distance of one meter;Some Volunteer party members are disseminating knowledge of epidemic prevention and control to the public.Some party member volunteers in the command into the hospital orderly parking vehicles……March 30 at 19:00, liupanshui city maternal and child health care hospital party member volunteer service team comrade in the work group sent a message, remind each department statistics the next morning, in the morning, dinner need to send meal medical staff, patients and accompanying family data, party member volunteer service team will be delivered on time.”Received” “Received, thank you” “received, ON behalf of the ward medical staff, patients and their families to thank you”…Groups of data are then quickly gathered into the hands of party volunteers;March 31 8:00, 11:00, 17:00, the maternal and child Health hospital party member volunteer service team will be each ward booked meals accurately delivered to patients and their families;…These are just a microcosm of the party members and cadres of liupanshui Maternal and Child Health Hospital actively serving patients during the prevention and control of COVID-19.It is understood that in the fight against COVID-19 without smoke “battle”, the Liupanshui Maternal and Child Health Hospital of 200 party members and cadres all signed up to participate in the volunteer service team, take the initiative to provide patients with meals, to the hospital for patients at the door of the family sent goods and other services.With their practical actions, 200 Party members and cadres firmly stood at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, leading by example and taking responsibility.Wumeng new newspaper reporter Tian Weijuan editor: Meng Gu first instance: Huang Wan di second instance: Meng Guangchang third instance: Liu Yunbing