Did these two children go home on their luggage for the Spring Festival?

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At about 8:10 on January 24, 2022, tang Yifeng, police officer of shaoxing High-speed Traffic Police Brigade 3, and Ding Nofan, auxiliary police, found a dark piece of SUV in the renovation of the square outside G1522 Changtai Expressway haoba, and stopped it for inspection.I was surprised to see that there were two children sitting on the luggage without any safety measures.The driver told the police that they were coming back from Anhui province for the Spring Festival. Because there were too many bags, they put down the seats at the back. There was no place for the children to sit.Now I regret it very much and I will never make such a mistake again.Police told the driver that although the car load 7 people, no overcrowding behavior, but this situation exists a huge hidden danger, in case the driver a sudden brake or rear car rear-end words, children did not wear seat belts, the consequences of inertia will be unimaginable.Children are the future of our country, and we should not conveniently neglect their safety.High-speed traffic police remind making do not one seat belt during Spring Festival, all life zone in front of the back row to wear many rear passengers believe that there is no need to wear your seatbelt because they think the back than the front will be more secure the IIHS crash test simulation of 56 kilometers per hour there was a positive collision, the airbag pop-up protection, safety belt will be in front of the driver honked protected,Not letting it go any further.But the passenger in the back didn’t have his seat belt on, so he went straight forward.Bring side watch 45 ° bring positive impact to watch the impact from the three groups of dynamic graph can clearly see directly: due to the rear passengers not wearing a seatbelt, because of the inertia force, make the back the dummies fall directly forward to the front seat, the driver directly by pressure became a “sandwich”, also is a simulation environment, passengers in a real environment, internal injuries is not to obtain buddhist scriptures.The explosive force of the airbag is very large. If you don’t have the traction buffer of the seat belt and directly hit the airbag that is exploding, there will be serious damage to the body.In serious crashes, rear passengers are no less likely to be injured or killed than those in the front.Even if the speed is very low, if the person in the car is not secured by the seat belt, it could be fatal to the passenger in the back seat and the passenger in the front seat.No matter how good or slow you are at driving, there may be circumstances out of your control.For example, people in your car can be injured or killed because someone else’s car hits your car while moving fast.4 Children using adult seatbelts Adult seatbelts, whether too tight or too loose, will cause injury to children in the event of an accident.Special seats should be used for children and the seats should be adjustable.Children should adjust their seat belts until they are in the same position as adults.