Cenxi City: “Five actions” to promote agricultural efficiency and quality

2022-05-08 0 By

CenXi in recent years, the city through livestock and poultry waste recycling use action, alternative organic fertilizer, comprehensive utilization of straw processing operations, polluting plastics recycling use recycling action control non-point source pollution and protection of water resources of the “big five” action, promote green quality agricultural efficiency, to rural revitalization, industrial revitalization of the solid foundation.As a big agricultural county in the mountainous area of southeast Guangxi, the mode of agricultural production in Cenxi city was extensive and simple in the past.For example, many farmers produce manure when raising pigs, chickens and other livestock and poultry, which is straight production and straight row, leading to the village in front of the Taoist livestock and poultry manure on the ground, some of the farms around is sewage flow, smelly sky.In this regard, Cenxi city vigorously promotes the utilization of livestock and poultry waste resources, adhere to the path of green ecological cycle development.Under this background, the waste and sewage centralized treatment project of Hongmudou Pig Farm in Nuodong Town, Cenxi City will be started in 2021.Xiao Guangnan, head of the project, said the farm built a pond with a capacity of 400 cubic meters in December last year to treat 1,000 tons of manure annually. “This solves the manure problem in pig farming, and the biogas produced by the tank can be used for lighting and cooking pig food.The waste generated in the treatment process can also be turned into organic fertilizer and continue to earn income.”The smooth operation of the waste centralized treatment project of Hongmudou pig farm in Nuodong town is not an isolated case.It is understood that cenxi city has 3 livestock waste treatment and utilization of fertilizer plants built and put into operation, last year annual output of about 16,000 tons of fertilizer, output value of 8 million yuan.These organic fertilizers are gradually scattered in the fields of Cenxi through the action of replacing chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers implemented by Cenxi City.In addition, Cenxi also vigorously promoted the utilization of straw as fertilizer, fodder, fuel and raw material, improved the comprehensive utilization level of straw, and returned straw to the field through the treatment and recycling action, so as to better promote the increase of farmland yield.In addition to exploring new driving forces for development, Cenxi city pays close attention to pollution prevention and control from the source in view of the problems affecting the green development of agriculture.For example, the city actively implements the comprehensive utilization of agricultural film recycling, promotes the use of thickened plastic film in agricultural ecological planting bases, greenhouse planting bases and other large planting bases, and promotes the reduction of replacement;Promote the establishment of a variety of recycling mechanisms, such as trade-in, recycling shops;To control the “white pollution” of farmland, the producer responsibility extension system of “who produces and who recycles” is implemented.At the same time, the city comprehensively controls pollution non-point sources to protect water resources and provide high-quality water for agriculture.Since the implementation of the “five actions”, the green development of agriculture in Cenxi has been steadily promoted.By the end of 2021, the comprehensive utilization rate of livestock and poultry waste in the city had reached more than 85 percent, and the equipment rate of manure treatment facilities in large-scale farms had reached 96 percent.Chemical oxygen demand, total nitrogen and total phosphorus emissions in the agricultural sector fell by 16 percent, 42 percent and 27 percent year-on-year.(Xie Yun Liang Tie)