Can’t eat “rice congee” for breakfast?The doctor suggests: more than rice congee, these 3 things or should eat less

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As the saying goes, “Food is the life of the people.”Eat three meals a day on time to supplement the body with nutrients in order to maintain life activities. Breakfast is particularly important among the three meals a day.Our parents taught us to eat breakfast on time, and at the same time we should not waste a grain.Especially the people who live in hunger s, but they wanted to fill the stomach, as long as have the satisfaction of food is special, but now the economic level unceasing enhancement, people’s diet life also had the very big improvement, people not only pursue when it comes to eating food and clothing problem, also want to pursue more nutrients and flavor.The Culture of the Chinese nation is extensive and profound and has a long history, especially the proverbs summed up by the ancients, which are rich in life knowledge, which is the crystallization of their wisdom.For example, “eat a good breakfast, a full lunch, and a light dinner.” Then we will know clearly the importance of breakfast.But in the eyes of young people, breakfast is a cup of milk and an egg, as long as you are full.But in the eyes of the elderly people, they feel that they should eat rice porridge for breakfast, and steamed bread with pickles is more nutritious.For most families, having a bowl of rice porridge for breakfast is a very good thing.Especially in the difficult times, the general economic conditions are unable to drink rice porridge.With the improvement of material living standards, people’s economic conditions are also better, for rice porridge can be arbitrarily drunk.Whether it’s breakfast or dinner, drinking a bowl of warm food can not only fill your stomach, but also replenish nutrients for the human body.But now there is also a saying, breakfast can not drink rice porridge, why there is such a saying?Let’s take a look.01 Can’t eat “rice porridge” for breakfast?In fact, rice porridge is a common staple food on our table. It is easy to make and full. It is a good choice whether it is eaten in the morning or in the evening, and it is loved by middle-aged and old people.Speaking of Zhang Wenhong, I believe everyone is familiar with it. He is one of the front-line strivers during the epidemic. Before that, Zhang Wenhong said that it is not recommended that people eat rice porridge at breakfast.Some people agree, but others question Zhang’s argument, saying it is nonsense and lacks scientific proof. Such a claim is just to catch the audience’s attention. But what is the truth?From ancient times until now, this is the diet of people handed down, why do not let people drink now?This is because although rice porridge has a strong feeling of satiation and can be easily absorbed by the stomach and intestines, it is made from rice and contains high carbohydrate content. In this process, an appropriate amount of water is added.After a long time of high-temperature boiling, the remaining nutrients in rice are almost gone, and there is no way to provide nutrients and energy for life activities, which will cause some malnutrition in the body.If we eat rice porridge every day, we may not be able to meet our growth needs, leading to the lack of vitamins, trace elements, mineral elements, dietary fiber and other nutrients in the body, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the body, and malnutrition will also occur.On the other hand, rice porridge is particularly soft and rotten. If eaten for breakfast, it will increase the digestive burden on the intestines and stomach and reduce the peristalsis speed of the intestines and stomach. Moreover, rice porridge basically does not need excessive chewing and directly enters the intestines and stomach, which will gradually fade the function of the intestines and stomach, bringing adverse effects on the digestive system.It can be seen that it is not recommended to drink rice porridge for breakfast, because such a diet will have some safety risks for health, and then we need to match other nutrients.For example, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs and so on food, as much as possible to supplement nutrients, to ensure a morning work efficiency and learning efficiency, more conducive to the healthy development of the body.1. Fried food is a typical breakfast, especially in northern China.But we have thought that the cooking oil without these fried food is used repeatedly at high temperature, there will be some carcinogens, to the body to increase the risk of cancer.Although fried food is delicious, it contains too much oil. If you eat it for breakfast for a long time, it will not only reduce digestion function, but also increase the decomposition burden of the liver and kidneys. Over time, it may lead to liver cancer and fatty liver.On the other hand, eating fried food for a long time, with high fat content, will form a large amount of fat in the body, which is difficult to be consumed, causing obesity, making people out of shape and reducing their appearance. Therefore, it is not recommended that people often eat fried food for breakfast.2, pickled food now people’s economic conditions are good, for big fish and meat no longer want to eat, but also tired of eating, more inclined to fresh salad and pickled small pickles, especially the elderly for pickled small pickles, is fondly.For example, salted duck eggs, pickles, sauerkraut, hot and sour cucumber, radish strips and other salted food are the most delicious food in people’s mouths. It is very delicious to eat with rice porridge for breakfast.But for the elderly, physical fitness is not good, and more prone to suffer from three high diseases, especially hypertension, in the morning, the blood pressure in the body is the peak of the day.If you eat too much salted food, it will increase the pressure on blood pressure, which is not conducive to blood pressure control, and easily lead to some dizziness, nausea and other adverse symptoms.Secondly, this kind of food in the process of production will be put in a lot of food additives and edible salt, and the food itself exists some nitrite substances, with the body of the material produces chemical reaction, ammonium nitrite formation, harm people’s liver and kidney function decomposition, the burden of aggravating blood, is not conducive to the healthy development of the body.So we try not to choose pickled pickles and bacon and bacon at breakfast, so as not to cause pressure on blood pressure, harm cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.3, fried barbecue like barbecue, fried eggs, fried sausage and other food, especially delicious, and then spread a layer of seasoning, with bread or rice porridge to eat, is very comfortable, can not only satisfy their appetite, but also to bring a sense of fullness to the stomach.But such food after high temperature fried, will lose its nutrients, and these meat contains a part of the food additives and flavor, eating often will bring some harm to the body.And sausage food, in order to prolong the shelf life, businesses will add food additives and preservatives, which can not only improve the taste of food, but also seriously exceed the salt content. Therefore, we had better not eat fried meat in the morning.1, it is recommended that you eat breakfast half an hour after getting up, which is more conducive to digestion.2, breakfast can be arranged after 7 o ‘clock to eat, more conducive to the body to absorb nutrients.3, eat breakfast slow down, so as not to damage the digestive system, cause gastrointestinal discomfort.4, choose the right time to eat breakfast, otherwise it will have a certain impact on digestion.5, do not eat snacks instead of breakfast, the body can not absorb nutrients, affect work efficiency and learning efficiency.To sum up, breakfast is a very important meal in the day, we should treat it well, eat on time, with nutrients in time, will make the body more healthy, more conducive to their work efficiency and learning efficiency.Healthy New Year