Taikoo Li this conference, present audience: long knowledge

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Cover news reporter Liu Jianning Chi Taigu Li, high-rise, people coming and going.Today’s CBD is even more lively.”What are the mainstream myopia operations at present?””Who is suitable for ICL lens implantation?””Where is the surgical escalation?”Each question is like a piece of paper flying around, delivering an unusual sound in this casual place.Originally, on March 26, AIer ophthalmic ICL lens implantation experience upgrade conference was held in Chengdu Taikoo Li.Aier took the lead in the application of femtosecond technology in the field of ICL myopia correction, integrating femtosecond laser and lens implantation two core technologies, launched Zhizhen · Femtosecond ICL surgery, aiming to provide higher surgical accuracy and comfortable experience for myopia patients. It is expected to carry out this surgery in more than 80 regions of the country in the future.Zhou Jin, vice President of Aier Ophthalmology in Sichuan Province and training tutor of ICL surgical doctors in China, and Lu Qi, director of Aier Ophthalmology refractive Department in Chengdu East, stood on the stage and popularised science.Zhou Jin tutor popular science scene “common myopia surgery is divided into corneal laser surgery and ICL lens implantation two categories: corneal laser surgery by cutting the cornea to change the refractive force of the cornea, in order to correct the refractive error, mainly for good corneal conditions, myopia is relatively low population;ICL lens implantation is a soft and safe intraocular lens implanted into the human eye through a minimally invasive incision. Through this special contact lens, the effect of vision correction is wider, especially for people with high or super high myopia, “explained Zhou Jin, president of the Hospital.”Of course, there are many patients with moderate or low degree of myopia who choose ICL lens implantation, which has been officially approved by the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and can correct myopia within 50 to 1,800 degrees and astigmatism within 600 degrees.However, whether an individual can undergo ICL implantation requires a thorough examination before surgery to determine the condition of the eye.”Zhou Jin said.Femtosecond laser + crystal implants, modular upgrade ICL crystal implants femtosecond laser surgery simulation TuLu qi director is introduced: “in order to bring myopia patients better surgical experience and hd visual quality, combining the application of femtosecond laser and crystal implantation two technologies, to upgrade, ICL lens implant surgery and launching ZhiZhen, femtosecond ICL operation.”As a kind of intelligent security blessing, the custom experience hd visual quality operation, lu qi director pointed out that when the femtosecond ICL surgery, the surgeon using patent step type water fixed eye gel technology, there can be no knife femtosecond laser instead of traditional scalpel, let patients feel full painless surgery non-inductive, physically and mentally can be completely relaxed,A femtosecond laser is then guided by micron ophthalmic tomography to accurately make a three-section corneal incision with better water density, thus promoting the wound to close faster. After that, a “customized” INTRAocular lens is implanted, which is equivalent to “addition” surgery on the eye, without removing any ocular tissue, let alone damaging the fundus and retina.