Quick review | Continuous force, compaction “double reduction”

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The Ministry of Education has released its work priorities for 2022, calling for the “double reduction” program to remain a prominent and top priority this year.From the launch of “double reduction” to the main points of this year’s work, it has been stressed that this round of governance is serious and the education system has been quietly changing.”Double reduction” is not only to reduce the burden on students, but also a systematic project involving many interest groups and the responsibilities of many departments. The ultimate goal is to make compulsory education return to the original aspiration of moral education.What teachers “teach”, what students “learn” and what society “uses”.The implementation of “double reduction” plays a promoting role in reversing the unscientific orientation of educational evaluation and avoiding the short-sighted and utilitarian education.”Take one more point to crush thousands of people”, said the college entrance examination once cruel, but also in line with the values of “bear hardships” education.Every generation grows up in the historical period it is in. Over the past 30 years, basic education has made rapid progress and is gradually becoming equal.That depends on the individual struggle single protrusion, breaks through the environmental limitation, only the score theory of The Times gradually fade away.With the development and progress of society, education should realize the overall improvement of the quality of the whole people.The introduction of the “double reduction” policy to meet the requirements of The Times, morally, intellectually, physically, aesthetically, and labor all-round development of people can better meet the needs of the future society.However, ordinary people are used to making predictions about the future based on their own experience. Some people born in the 1980s and 1990s, especially those who have enjoyed “eating bitterness” and “scoring only”, are more superstitious about the benefits of “education and training” for the next generation, and turn a deaf eye to the far-sighted and forward-looking “double reduction” of the country.They even listen to the propaganda of the profit-making “education and training” institutions of capital operation, which cover for them and give them money and children in the hope of obtaining the dividends that are actually dying out.For some time, some education enterprises have been crowding into “education and training” institutions, draining the money of many families and creating “another education system”, which is completely different from the nature of education by exploiting the loopholes of The Times to make huge profits.This problem must be cleared up.The government’s measures show that enterprises must serve the national economic and social development, focus on the origin of education, as the extension and complement of the campus, rather than utilitarian “stuffing factories” and “cash machine”.The Ministry of Education takes “double reduction” as the starting point to standardize education and training while strengthening the role of schools as the main position.This year, we will continue to focus on the “double reduction” and prevent a rebound, which shows our determination.Local education departments should recognize the general trend and continue to do a good job in this work, so that the flowers of the motherland “do well in learning, but also do a good body.”Li Jitu, commentator of Guangzhou Daily, Mo Weinong, reporter of Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City, Hu Jun, editor of Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City