Huang Xiaoming AB divorce: marriage frequency red light 85 flowers

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The bully CEO and Cinderella story be up.Article | Li Qingli Long Chengfei edit | Zhang Youfa huang xiaoming and Angelababy (Angelababy) to netizens contributed years ago finally a melon.At noon yesterday, both of them posted on weibo at the same time: “Thanksgiving for all the past, the future is still family!”With the same line, ending a seven-year marriage.However, the official announcement did not cause much stir, perhaps in the public mind, the divorce has long been an “open secret”.The hashtag # Loveliest Celebrity Divorce even appeared on a popular search page.For Internet users, their marriage is less attractive than Huang’s earlier comments about hegemony and the “wedding of the century”.Back in 2018, Internet users noticed that not only did the couple not attend the same event, but Yang did not even attend huang xiaoming’s grandmother’s 90th birthday.On Weibo, the two exchanged polite and distant interactions instead of their usual high-profile displays of affection.Since then, there have been rumors that their marriage has changed, but both sides have repeatedly denied, and even some time ago, Internet users have uncovered some “dark sugar”, speculating that their relationship has been repaired.However, judging from the results so far, there is no official announcement, probably because the two need time to deal with issues such as property division and child custody, and wait for the expiration of the commercial endorsement “asking for a happy family”.After news of the divorce broke, media and Internet users discovered that, like other celebrity couples who divorced in the past, the two no longer had business ties to their names.Since then, Yang Ying also walked into the 85 flower camp of divorce formally.Looking back at the story of Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying, we will find that this relationship is full of fairy tale color from the very beginning. The scene of the overbearing president falling in love with Cinderella is always loved by people.Met in 2015, in the sixth year, two people in the Shanghai exhibition center held a talk at a cost of 200 million “century wedding”, the ceremony hosted celebrities, business giants, and half of the entertainment star, wedding in almost every product have brand sponsorship, rumours of two people through the wedding made a lot of.There is a lot more attached to celebrity marriages than love.From the earliest mainland actress crowded break head to want to marry into the rich and powerful family, to later turn himself into a rich and powerful family, and then to 85 flower as a representative of the “flow flower” they began to “marry down”, and then in the relationship broken when the choice timely stop loss.In a sense, the frequent red lights of the 85-flower marriage, let people see not only love, but also complex business interests, and even the change of social ideological trend.From marrying the rich and powerful family to “because of the drama love” married into the rich and powerful family, was once the final destination of female stars in the hearts of most audiences.This is very prevalent in the Hong Kong show business, and there are certain stereotypes.However, under the influence of local cultural concepts, many Hong Kong actresses return to their families after marriage, and they need to make great efforts to balance family and career after returning to work, instead of standing in the center of the spotlight like in the past.In the eyes of the audience, the actress who “eats youth rice” retired from acting to support her husband and children, naturally needs a home to which she can afford the rest of her life.The public nature of the artist’s identity means that the range of friends of actresses is already narrow, the circle is also relatively limited, can only rely on work and circle of friends to pull the strings.Knowing fewer people, the scope of love naturally shrinks.Finally, at a time when the bully wife drama was still popular, marrying into a wealthy family and changing social class through marriage became the cost-effective option.The combination of female stars and rich young people bright, become the entertainment section people with gusto talk about the topic, the mainland star Zhang Ziyi and huo Qishan, the second son of the Huo family love once caused a sensation, that was captured by the paparazzi photo is still the classic star gossip photos in China.In fact, mainland actresses do not have too many concept constraints, and many choose to continue working after marriage. In the early days when the capital was less involved in the entertainment industry, many female stars eventually married well-known directors, but from the perspective of the industry resources they control, there is still a situation of “strong male and weak female” in such cooperation.Xu Fan and Feng Xiaogang, Jiang Wenli and Gu Changwei, are long-term binding cooperation in film and television.And with the development of The Times, plus too many negative cases, “marrying rich” is not as popular as before.Want to be rich and powerful too, want to accompany her husband to socialize together, assume the responsibility of ceaseless fertility, external maintain the image of meekness obedient, even to her husband’s flower heart put up with silence.This point in Hong Kong and Taiwan actress body is particularly obvious, Hong Kong sister Zhu Lingling married into the Huo family is difficult to bear many family rules, her husband also outflow and Hou Yuting lace news, this section of 27 years of marriage, and finally ended in divorce.Not every “rich family” has gold content, and after marrying into “rich family”, it is not always plain sailing.Big S and Liu Tao’s marriage object are among the “capital four little”, and Wang Xiaofei was mocked by Wang Sicong on weibo “on the two steel coins in your pocket always pretend to be rich second generation”, the wedding a chicken feather;The luxurious wedding of Liu Tao and Wang Ke costs 4 million, Liu Tao also fades out gradually after marriage entertainment circle, after which makings Wang Ke goes bankrupt, Liu Tao can only return to work repay debts, 4 years patted more than 20 plays, still taking Wang Ke went up variety “dear inn”.However, with the arrival of the traffic era in the film and television industry, a large amount of capital poured in, and stars became the guarantee for the exposure of the series, and their salaries kept rising. The remuneration of a play was often more than ten million yuan, and they participated in the work of investment, production and other more dominant voices.At the same time, the social trend of thought and medical methods are changing. It is no longer the duty of actresses to retire after marriage and take care of their husband and children. They can come back in high heels six months after giving birth, appearing in variety shows and fashion events.The once popular saying “if I don’t marry a rich family, I am a rich family” seems to represent a shift in the wind: rather than marry into a rich family and live a life of fear, it is better to grasp the steering wheel of life and become a first-class rich businessman.Female celebrities now have more options.And the first batch of taste flow and fans of economic bonus 85 flowers, also without exception did not choose to marry into the rich.In 2012, Hawick lau announced his relationship with Yang Mi on his micro blog. The couple married in Bali in early 2014, and Yang became the first person to walk down the aisle.All of them are married to their peers, and almost all of them have film and television cooperation.Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu “because of the play of love”, outside the play to continue the “Step by step” can not be successful if Xi and “four ye”;Tang yan and Luo Jin have been working together for many years since they met and got married.Zhao Liying feng Shaofeng’s marriage, because “know whether know whether should be green fat red thin” affinity;Even stars from variety shows and Angelababy have teamed up with Huang Xiaoming in a Romantic Affair.In 2018, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng posted their marriage certificate on weibo. So far, except for Ni Ni who is not married, all 85 famous Chinese actresses have got married.They all choose to marry male stars, so that there is a common topic between the two people, can be in and out of the public exposure, earn traffic, like two joint fleet, sailing forward together.Celebrity marriages are bound by interests, from people, public praise to the economic community, and stars often care about more than feelings.Because of this, “pollen” hope sister can find a match with the other half.After all, in the entertainment industry, even the stir-fry CP must pay attention to social status, so as not to promote each other’s coffee.To catch up with the good times of the 85 flowers, the early years through the national popular drama, and take the East wind of the Internet, the popularity into traffic.When meeting each brother-in-law, they are already popular, the work holds concurrently the national actress.From the public’s point of view, they deserve better.So Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Zhao Liying and other people exposed love, have caused a large scale off powder.In the outside world, the other half of 85 flowers or fame, or coffee, or age, there is always a huge difference.Many fans joked that the 85-flower marriage was “poverty alleviation” from the very beginning.More someone questioned: “this session 85 flower’s vision is not too good.”However, Yang Ying is an exception.When 85 flower became popular in mainland China through her works, Ying Yeung was just a flower in Hong Kong’s tender model circle.Unlike several other 85 flowers, she has far less work and traffic than her husband in their relationships and marriages.When Huang xiaoming met him, he was already a hot young actor on the mainland and a shareholder of Huayi Brothers.Therefore, when the news of their marriage was exposed, but anger went huang Xiaoming’s Hong Kong supporters association.After 85 flowers have entered the marriage life, some catch up with each other, shorten the gap, go hand in hand, reversed the impression of the public;Some of them grow apart and end up in different situations.Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi were first criticized by netizens for their age difference.In addition, Nicky Wu’s “Little Tigers” filter was no longer popular among an increasingly young fan base, many of whom were not optimistic about the marriage.By then, however, Nicky Wu had become a boss, testing the waters in film investment and production.After the two starring “Sharp Benevolence teacher”, is by Nicky Wu as the producer.The next few years.Nicky Wu’s Straw Bear Film was successfully listed on January 15, 2020. The stock price rose as high as 83.67% on the first day, and the market value was about 3.8 billion Hong Kong dollars. Liu Shishi holds 14.8% of the shares.Their careers have gone hand in hand, their relationship has gone steady, and reviews have been getting better and better in recent years.Tang Yan and Luo Jin’s career development, then gradually toward the opposite of marriage.After tang Yan gave birth to a child in 85 flowers have fallen behind the trend, but is luo Jin continued to have work filming, broadcast.But the marriage life that two people low-key do not make bewitchment, also obtained public good impression.On the other side of hawick Lau, the earliest in TVB walk-on, came to the mainland after the beginning as a male hero, heat and resources are far inferior to Yang Mi.Since announcing their relationship, the two have appeared as a couple several times, including in the 2012 film Hold Love, which grossed more than $40 million.In 2013, they both appeared in the TV series “A Sunny Summer Evening” produced by Hawick Lau. Perhaps benefiting from The popularity of Yang Mi, the TV series became the ratings champion in Hunan market with the highest rating of 8.76 after broadcast.Hawick Lau also further opened the mainland market, in the years before and after his marriage, the popularity and pay of Hawick Lau in the mainland increased, only in 2015, 7 TV dramas were released.Of course, The number of hawick Lau’s works increased sharply, on the one hand, marriage opened the market for him, on the other hand, but also two people need to jointly complete a three-year gambling agreement, so work hard for this.This was the peak of Hawick lau’s career, but during the three years, there were many negative headlines about their relationship.So in 2018, shortly after overfulfilling their betting agreement, they announced their divorce.After the divorce, Hawick Lau gradually faded out of the mainland market, marriage brought dividend, failed to maintain.Feng shaofeng has had few big hits since he starred in palace in 2010.Until 2018, when she and Zhao Liying co-starred in Know Or Not and entered the marriage hall, her personal image has been improved in the public mind to some extent.But the marriage lasted less than three years.When their marriage couldn’t work out, neither of them settled for divorce.On the one hand, economic independence gives them the courage to get married and the confidence to divorce.On the other hand, at a time when women are highly independent in their thinking, their choice is exactly stepping on the zeitgeist.Leaving an unbalanced marriage is seen by many as a sign of being an “independent woman”.And just divorced Yang Ying, also very early in the “independent female” people set foreshadowing.In 2019, she and Huang Xiaoming were slowly unbound when they appeared on The show “The Adventure,” so she repeatedly stressed on the show that “I always rely on myself” and explained that she did not rely on her husband.These words obviously failed to buy over the audience, but made The reputation of Yang Ying, who is not rich, worse.Looking back at The history of Yang Ying’s advancement, we will find that the word “independent woman” does not fit her.Huang xiaoming once said, “When BABY and I started to fall in love, I thought she was so qualified that it would be a pity not to do this. I would try my best to help her.”And that’s exactly what he did.At work, Huang xiaoming escorted her all the way to the 85 flower-flower location.I took her to shoot MV and film together, and later became a frequent guest in huayi Brothers films.In life, Huang Xiaoming cares for her and is constantly photographed by the media to take her abroad for a holiday, send diamonds, send luxury cars.In those years, Yang Ying did her best to play the role of the little girl who loved huang Xiaoming.Some people once said that Yang Ying is very smart, she always knows what The Times want.All along, Yang Ying has shortened the distance to the peak of her life by virtue of her ability to judge the situation.However, she took a shortcut, because she did not experience the other 85 flower struggle process, resulting in ability does not match ambition, also tasted the bitter fruit for this.In those years when she was criticized for her poor acting skills and lack of professional dedication, Yang Ying almost fell into the situation of having no films to shoot.But that hasn’t stopped her from climbing the entertainment ladder through marriage.Instead, Huang xiaoming’s business expansion has hit a few bumps in the road, with the number of companies under his control shrinking from more than 60 to 48.By 2020, Ying was ranked 16th on Forbes’ List of Chinese celebrities, while Huang was ranked 76th.Many years ago, some media asked Yang Ying: What if One day Huang Xiaoming’s investment failed and went bankrupt?Yang Ying replied, “If Huang Xiaoming is poor, I will take care of him.”But now it seems that this promise will not be fulfilled after all.